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- 8/7/2015 2:34pm

*Exasperated sigh* I can't believe this pixie business. It's like this school doesn't even have any defense system! Does it not even have any basic wards? Like to keep ANY malicious creatures out? (Magical or otherwise) NO I'M NOT WORKED UP ABOUT THIS I'M JUST CONCERNED ABOUT THE WELFARE OF STUDENTS (And myself)

Wait @Morris has been out for quite a while... He went to get a toothbrush from his room that doesn't take a long time, like his room isn't that far away. Maybe I should go see what he's up to, in case he's been ambushed by pixies or something... Oh but he might be with @Scilph and I don't wanna interrupt? But I guess I should go, you know to be safe and all. Augh I don't wanna go out to those pixies but! I must! For @Morris! *Does heroic pose and giggles*

He's at Dorm 667 right? Right yeah. I'll change into some stealth gear first so I don't get ambushed but those little buggers!! Don't worry I'm on my way !

- 8/7/2015 3:59pm

As a low level Light Fairy of the Seelie Court, I am NOT a pixie. Pixies are generally malicious primitive creatures, and while I respect them, as I respect all creatures of light and dark, I prefer to have as little dealing with them as possible. Being a Fairy from a distinguishable family, I do not appreciate the all too common confusion regarding the difference between Pixies and Fairies. Even Uncle Two Cents who was rumored to have fallen in love with a Selkie had little if anything to do with Pixies. It's...simply, undignified.

However, as a representative of my family and Light Fairies in general at Psyhigh, I feel it is my duty to involve myself in this... Unfortunate, series of events. It has come to my attention that the student @Scilph has been captured by the Pixie King known as Scintillula, and taken into the Fae Forest. Should any of the students without Fae blood make any attempts to rescue her, it would be disastrous. Furthermore, few students (even those with Fae blood) have ever been to the Fae Forest, and fewer still know their way around The Forest. So I volunteer my services as a guide to those students of Fae blood who wish to go on a quest to rescue Scilph. Perhaps @Gretel? Thinned Changeling blood is still enough to guarantee (relative) safety in The Forest, and it might help to have someone not fully despised by Pixies. Current relations between Pixies and Fairies are...tense. To say the least. At exactly 4 o'clock sharp at the edge of the forest, I shall be meeting any of Fae blood who wish to rescue Scilph to begin the journey to Scintillula's territory.

First Level
Light Fairy
Seelie Court

Matching by Mattie
- 8/7/2015 6:17pm

Mattie Darling here, posting LIVE during a top-secret mission into Fae Forest! That's right, I'm here with the small group of students who possess Fae blood as we trek through the dark, scary, treacherous woods. *Another student criticizes Mattie* Um, it is, like, SO dark! The sun is almost starting to kind of set, and I consider that dark! Butt out Joshua.

Okay, I'll be honest with you my loving fan-base. We haven't reached the Fae Forest yet, and we're still in The Forest. The Forest is sort of creepy, what with sentient plants and some squirrels my roomie Nobody insulted a while back. But other than that, this place is as scary as a store that has that cute sweater you really wanted, but in the ugliest color ever. Terrifying, but also disappointingly so. I guess it helps to have our Fairy guide @Trinket here. She's, like, a totally fabulous guide. We're making great time through the forest. We'll be at the Pixie tribe within an hour I think. Which would be great, except I wore my cutest high-heel hiking boots and my feet are starting to hurt. It's true what they say though, "Beauty is not painless!" So onward I -- er, we -- go, to save Scilph from the pixies and return her to her very concerned (and sweaty) knight, @Morris who is currently pacing the halls of Psyhigh with worry! Poor boy, Trinket wouldn't let him or his talking cat come. He's instead trying to interrogate a captured pixie for insider information, and Joshua has a walkie-talkie in case Morris finds out anything vital.

I'm so excited to be a part of this mission! Do you know why, my lovely readers? Because this is my chance to get back into good graces with the Disciplinary Board of Psyhigh! If we successfully rescue Scilph and end the pixie attacks, we'll be heroes. Heroes are never expelled from school! Not to mention, I got asked specifically to join the Save Scilph Squad (S.S.S.) despite being very un-Fae. Yes, they are bringing me because I will make the pixie king reconsider making Scilph his bride! I'm prettier, fabulous-er, glamourous-er, amazing-er, and humbler than any girl on campus! And while His Highness is dropping Scilph and rushing to propose to me, the others will grab our classmate and we'll be gone in a flash! That's right, this whole plan hinges on ME! *Trinket is heard shushing Mattie* Er, we're coming up on Fae Forest now. I'm being told I have to, like, stop screaming and posing and flipping my hair. But don't worry Psyhigh, your favorite upperclassmen will all return safely... because of yours truly!

With love,


- 8/7/2015 6:44pm

Hello yet again! Thank you, S.S.S. group, for coming to my rescue! I wish you the best of luck in your task--- for my sake and yours. The pixies have put up more guards outside the Fae Forest... but you will be able to detected them. If you hear soft bells, then it is most likely them.

Meanwhile, in here... has become less horrible as it was before. The worst part was when they threw small berries at me. But since then, things have started to look up! When they realized I was not a prisoner, but their Queen, they have since freed me from my spiny prison! Scintillula told everyone that he has taken me as Queen, they did not believe him... but I proved it by showing my "magical power"... er... my mind reading. Even though I do not often do it, I can, but only when I truly need to. And I did! For my life, and my dignity. The crowning of my Queenship is in less than 6 hours... it happens at midnight.

I do not want to stay, despite the... "luxuries"... my throne is made of thorns. I am supposed to prove my strength by sitting on it. My robes are made of leaves, and my crown is wood, with a small emerald in the middle. Hm. Oh, and Mattie-- a Queen's marriage is really nothing about courtship. It is more like... all the kings in the tribes find the best-looking/most powerful/greatest wife. They all compare, and the ones who lose are immediately slaughtered for sport. Pixies are a wonderful species, are they not?

Uwaaah! I am truly scared for this! *gurgling noises* And I am quite hungry... I just want some Green Tea and my couch--! Scintillula refuses to speak with me, at the moment... he says he is too busy placing bets on me. All his land rests on my shoulders-- no pressure.

Please arrive soon.


- 8/7/2015 7:26pm

I've been drafted for the S.S.S. Trinket, the Fairy representative at Psyhigh, thought I'd be helpful because of Great-Great Uncle Funky. We called him that because he always acted kind of funky. You can only imagine our surprise when Great-Grunkle Funky died of old age and his corpse suddenly turned into a plank of wood. Apparently that's what changelings do. Fairies - oh, sorry, I mean Pixies! - are really weird. Our family never did find the original Great-Grunkle Funky, but I'm sure he's out there somewhere with his adoptive pixie parents having a good time. Unlike poor @Scilph. I hope our plan to save her works.

You see, I asked that @Matching by Mattie come with us. I told her it was because she's "the obvious superior to all females everywhere" and would distract the king. No harm in feeding her ego, right? Well in actuality, she's here because she's the best at causing a scene. She'll make a distraction (involving dramatic poses, the word "like", and pixie-suffocating perfume I'm sure) while the rest of us grab Scilph. And then we run. Preferably fast. Since myself and the others have Fae blood, we'll be almost invisible to Fae Forest's flora and fauna. But Mattie and Scilph- ("Ugh! Guys, like, another Imp is trying to, like, grab meeeeee!") Yeah. All sorts of Fae have been attacking. It's rather slow going. If I sing, I can get some of these creatures to leave Mattie alone. The others we have to get @Trinket to pacify. I wish we had a means of cloaking ourselves. *sigh* What I wouldn't give to be back at Psyhigh, sitting on the ceiling and singing to the empty hallways.

For now though, I have to sing more Billie Holiday and One Direction songs. I don't mean to be rude, but non-pixie Fae have terrible taste in music.

- 8/8/2015 5:09am

Dear Somebody,
THEY'RE BACK!!! THEY SURVIVED! Not that I had any doubts that th- *yawn* they would.

Mattie has been relating the adventure to me for the past half hour or so, since the return of the S.S.S. How the group's presence was revealed by a bumbling member of the group, how the plan fell to peices, and only she, Mattie, saved the day (night) by her acts of heroics and her beauty. How when all seemed lost, and the pixies' fashion tastes disastrous, she stepped in and used her fantastic subliminal messaging skillz to convince the Pixie King to let them go. Although how she did this when pixies are immune to most psychic powers and manipulation (I found out the hard way that pixies can see me perfectly fine, even when I'm invisible) is *yawn* beyond me. Frankly, I'm not quite sure just how accurate her telling of the tale is. At least I can go to sleep now that everyone is back safely and the pixies are gone. The last of the pixies left at about 3 minutes to midnight, actually, leaving all the tortured students to return to their destroyed rooms in a daze, but I still found it hard to sleep without knowing if everyone was ok. So I stayed up with Flora, and she and I helped heal everyone when they returned. Most everyone, even those with fae blood, had scratches, bruises, and glittery pixie bites. @Scilph and Mattie especially. And @Gretel needed some soothing honey tea for her throat from singing so much. Maybe someone will fill me in on the real events in the...m-m-morning. *Yawn*

I'm going to go to sleep now, but before I do, @Pineapple Head, you said that I would "make fun of" your "points" and "say that pineapple heads eat minnows". I will do no such thing, as this seems as though it would be very rude. I think.

Farewell for now,

- 8/8/2015 7:04am

All you need to know about our adventure is that no one should ever go into that god forsaken forest ever again under any circumstances. *raspy cough* Oh... I won't be able to sing for weeks....

- 8/9/2015 7:24pm

{This dumb moth. I hadn't helped us for a LONG while.... we were about to crack the bug when Scilph had walked in at past midnight. Whoo... she looked tired. She told me everything, and promptly fell asleep. I guess that whole journey really took it out of her. and WHOOF, was it quite the story! Man. I'll let her tell it... once she wakes up. You know how well of a storyteller she is.}

{Anyway, about the moth--}


{I don't think you'll be doing anything like that, hm? With you being in a jar and all...}


{I think that's enough. I'm gonna shove you under a couch cushion...}


{Geez. Dumb thing. I think I'm gonna keep it for awhile, just to spite him... it nearly got to poor Eralo's dolls. Lucee is the one who tore her Pre-Ordered Limited Edition dress for Ringo... she's furious. I think if he's let out, she'll eat him.}

~Ew. He'll taste beastly.~

{I'm sure he will. Anyway, sorry about not getting up the full- and TRUE -story up yet. Scilph's been sleeping for awhile. Also snoring quite loudly.}

{And sorry about abandoning you for so long, Krissi. Would you like me to still stay in your room? Also, are you alright? You did say you were afraid of the dark. Don't worry, I'll help you out.}

{Seeya. And thank you, S.S.S. Squad. I really owe you guys! Without you, She'd still be there... S-so, thank you SO much! I-I'm really glad you all went out there... it means a lot to me.}

{Thank you.}


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