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- 12/28/2023 9:45pm

It was me who helped wrassle that morning star outta the dragon.

@Paddy O. Cinnamon ain't no slouch either -- once that Cinnamon Bear gets a couple Berserker Gummies in him he's a force a nature. Didn't hurt he gave me a couple too.

Now that business is done with, I'm looking forward to a new year here at Psyhigh!

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Paddy O. Cinnamon
- 12/24/2023 11:36pm

Like clockwork, it's time to tickle the Crazy Quilt Dragon until it barfs up the Silver Star again, thus completing the cycle of the Solstice, yada yada yada.

A bus will be outside the Library a little before midnight for volunteers for this service. Receipts will be provided upon return, and you apply for the extra credit retroactively.

Through the years, the Dragon has become habituated to this stimulus, and the retrieval of the Star usually occurs in just a few moments. Come join us for some traditional holiday fun, and get some extra credit while you're at it!

Paddy O'Cinnamon
The Cinnamon Bear

- 12/22/2023 10:44am

I have always been able to see past what the average person could see, ghosts, clairvoyant dreams, and such. I was always told it was a gift of the women on my grandmother's side of the family, an open secret brushed under the rug for fear of seeming demonic or insane to those in our small town. But I want a further explanation for all of this, why was this power bestowed on my bloodline? Why is it only the women who can do this? I'm here for answers, to see if anyone has an explanation for all of this.

- 12/21/2023 10:55pm

we let the ghosts of the corn fairies loose tonight, on account of the solstice.

they dried up over the fall, with the apple heads whispering to them while they dried up too.

now they leave their husks.

- 12/18/2023 9:55am

I’m not sure about anything here. How do they find us? We aren’t even that dangerous.

- 12/16/2023 6:06pm

I started off being one of those people who was always in the background. A mere whisp of a ghost attracted to the warm humble bumble of humans mumbling around. Ghosts are attracted to that like moths to a flame. We’re who the moths got it from.

But when you hang around long enough, you start to fill in a space, and become manifest, first in just a damp and gooey ectoplasmic way, but stay at it long enough and you can take the part of that implied personality, that extra space between peoples’ lives where another life could be, a life that ends up seeming like it’s been there the whole time. That other person you always knew was there.

I’m still working on the facial features. So if you look at me closely don’t be alarmed. I’m just trying to fit in.

Yang Jungwon
- 12/12/2023 9:46am

I have absolutely NO IDEA what i'm doing. I'm from South korea and a korean singer, but this school seems off. Is this like any other school? Is the work different? Because I hope we aren't just sitting here doing 1+1 = 2 type shit. Whatever, but I'm new here so please treat me well! :3

Past Life Diaries
- 12/9/2023 3:42pm

I keep a diary here, of various friends outside of Psyhigh and their past lives, as a past life regression therapist.

- 12/8/2023 11:27am


- 12/6/2023 8:30pm


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