Yang Jungwon

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Psychic Gift Exchange
12/12/2023 10:51am

I honestly want to know who stole my 50$ dark blue ink pen? Because when I woke up to look for my pen under the tree, it was gone. I hope that person suffers in DEEP HELL and only eat peas for the rest of their life. That pen was high tech and was high quality when writing. Hopefully it wasn't Ni-ki because he likes to steal my shit.

Seasonal Enrollment
12/12/2023 9:46am

I have absolutely NO IDEA what i'm doing. I'm from South korea and a korean singer, but this school seems off. Is this like any other school? Is the work different? Because I hope we aren't just sitting here doing 1+1 = 2 type shit. Whatever, but I'm new here so please treat me well! :3