Madeline Moss

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5/11/2024 7:01pm

Anomora the Crab Girl wants a new shell. She's had dozens of the finest shells shipped in to the terraridorm so she can try them all on.

"Free return shipping!" she says.

Still, it's a kind of behavior that belies her upbringing. Her mom is some high level member of the Crab King Court.

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3/26/2024 11:45pm

It is true that as the outside warms up, the terraridorm can get a little rank.

Dragon boys like Hank prefer their food raw, but not every dragon boy is as neat as Hank, and squirrel their scraps away under rocks and peat thinking they're "saving a snack for later" but never return.

As soon as the temperature in the terraridorm raises just one degree due to ambient outside weather conditions, Amora the Crab Girl is discovering these "gems" left and right and disposing of them in appropriate compost bins.

When you live in a terrarium, it's important to keep your environment up to certain standards. If you don't want it to smell like rotting garbage.

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2/7/2024 10:09pm

Lounging inside the terraridorm on a snowy day is like a snow globe inside out.

Outside the dome you can see the snow blowing, but inside it's a tropical paradise.

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12/19/2023 11:49pm

Anomora the Crab Girl went for a walk to the Spoonbender but it was too cold out. We warned her! But she just had to have a matcha latte.

When she didn't return, Hank Okomodo, Dragon Boy, went out looking for her and found that she had half buried herself in the landscaping by the library, trying to hibernate. He dug her out and brought her home to the terraridorm and she thawed right out.

So I had a pair of matcha lattes delivered for the two of us, and a hot chocolate for Hank.

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Seasonal Enrollment
11/13/2023 11:46pm

Psyhigh has been super fun and all the kids and the teachers seem really nice and everybody just wants to help you succeed with your studies and make sure you feel at home.

But I can't get used to how dry it is here, and the lack of humidity really dries me out. So I end up spending most my time in the terraridorm, with my besties Hank Okomodo, Dragon Boy, and the crab girl Anomora.