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Psychic Gift Exchange
12/23/2023 11:57pm

The Beeker & Joy Psychic Gift Exchange Master Class has really opened up new horizons for me. Especially at this time of year, when people are looking to exchange psychic gifts.

Obviously, I'm like a SPONGE for incorporating other people's psychic gifts, so this is great for me. It's the "exchange" part that gets me fuddled.

What kind of gifts would I, a humanoid-yet-still-semi-amorphous-worn-out-ghost-of-somebody's-spirit have to offer? I don't hardly remember who I'm even a ghost of! I'm more of a reactive shell that just wraps around its prey, like a jelly fish or some deep sea creature.

But maybe that IS my gift. I feel like the little drummer boy or someting.

Seasonal Enrollment
12/16/2023 6:06pm

I started off being one of those people who was always in the background. A mere whisp of a ghost attracted to the warm humble bumble of humans mumbling around. Ghosts are attracted to that like moths to a flame. We’re who the moths got it from.

But when you hang around long enough, you start to fill in a space, and become manifest, first in just a damp and gooey ectoplasmic way, but stay at it long enough and you can take the part of that implied personality, that extra space between peoples’ lives where another life could be, a life that ends up seeming like it’s been there the whole time. That other person you always knew was there.

I’m still working on the facial features. So if you look at me closely don’t be alarmed. I’m just trying to fit in.