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Thought Roundup
1/30/2024 11:48pm

my wild thought has become quite tame. all it needed was a little care and affection.

and food. lots of food.

it's eaten up all my roommate's food for thought, and now everyone at my lunch table has run dry. but this wild thought keeps getting bigger and hungrier.

we may have to go hunting.

Thought Roundup
1/11/2024 10:35pm

yes milt i would like to report an intrusion error, near the blacktop, late at night.

multimodal analysis suggested it was frightened. and hungry. with glowing red eyes and fur standing on end.

i took it home and fed it and now i am going to keep it.

Seasonal Enrollment
12/21/2023 10:55pm

we let the ghosts of the corn fairies loose tonight, on account of the solstice.

they dried up over the fall, with the apple heads whispering to them while they dried up too.

now they leave their husks.