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- 12/23/2023 11:57pm

The Beeker & Joy Psychic Gift Exchange Master Class has really opened up new horizons for me. Especially at this time of year, when people are looking to exchange psychic gifts.

Obviously, I'm like a SPONGE for incorporating other people's psychic gifts, so this is great for me. It's the "exchange" part that gets me fuddled.

What kind of gifts would I, a humanoid-yet-still-semi-amorphous-worn-out-ghost-of-somebody's-spirit have to offer? I don't hardly remember who I'm even a ghost of! I'm more of a reactive shell that just wraps around its prey, like a jelly fish or some deep sea creature.

But maybe that IS my gift. I feel like the little drummer boy or someting.

Gretch En
- 12/27/2023 11:39pm

Soon after making my way through the Third Fold, I encountered a group of native residents traveling with a pack elephant through high mountain trails. Though we do not share a language, I believe they are heading to a bazaar or trading post where they will sell or trade the many hand crafted goods they have loaded onto the elephant. For now, we are traveling together to this market while I try to understand more of their language. They are also happy to share their food with me, and a space by their fire at night.

- 1/3/2024 10:23pm

After practicing the techniques from the Psychic Gift Exchange Master Class (The One True Secret), I've had an overwhelming sense of... oneness. When you begin to realize how everything is true, you can perform the most amazing feats, because nothing is forbidden. Feats like becoming one with the cafeteria, and getting your food for free. Or not studying but getting an A+ on a test. Both on the same day.

But mostly--as my thoughts encompass everything around me--I've been feeling a sense of dissolution. Where do my thoughts end, and everything else begins? Threads of thoughts wind around in the churn and I lose track.

Tommy Kane, president of the Future Psychic Business Leaders of Tomorrow, is offering me a box. It's only $50. He says I have to buy it because it's part of the initiation ritual for the Psychic Gift Exchange Master Class. He wants me to think about what's inside the box.

I'm getting tired. Tommy Kane says the box has red velvet lining. It's from Beeeker & Joy.

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