Cecilia Curry

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Psychic Gift Exchange
12/13/2023 11:54pm

The “pick any gift you want” display in the cafeteria is really great so I grabbed a small one and it is the most awesome blue ink pen you ever touched but it gets out of hand and takes off on its own writing stuff like:

"Hey lemme out of this pen! It's like sardine can in here! One minute you're lounging on a beach at the shaman's festival in Gangneung and before you know it some crank sucks you up into an inkwell. I'm not used to being cooped up like this! I had my own qilin and used to fly anywhere I wanted... surfing in Da Nang, rock climbing in Java, karaoke in Tokyo... You gotta let me out! We can make a deal!!!"

It does have lovely handwriting though. Big curlicue cursive script just like your great grandma.