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11/30/2019 11:30am

I have returned to school.

I do not remember a lot from the day I met the man, but I had a horrific headache that sent me home. I may have thrown up my lunch. I spoke to my father, Nox, about it and how the man seemed to only be able to speak when close. That far away he sounded like a radio with no station frequency, but multipled by twenty.

Basically, it hurts.

He came to explain that if I practiced hard enough I might be able to tune the though waves and get rid of the static. Like a radio, looking for the right frequency from a radio station. I've been practicing all week with my other dad, August's, old radio, and as I got better I learned... I heard voices in the static... not just ones of children and women but....


Sadly through the device it was a lot quieter, softer, and I knew then that I needed to be by that man again.

As I came to school I went to look for the man, following the path of pixel burned grass to behind the science labs. Seeing the man pacing back and fourth. Trying hard, I focused my thought waves to his finding the right waves and he was Clear.

He was able to speak to me without my head ready to burst.

He even stopped his pacing to stare at me and started to speak of where he came from. He started to tell me of his people and how they found a rip between our reality and theirs making this portal that let them show themselves.

Yet, I have been the only one to see them or even communicate with them. He told me how people have seen me but to them I was talking to myself or as of last time, Trying to talk to someone while gripping my head and being in pain.

I let him talk all afternoon, even missing classes to hear him.

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11/28/2019 3:32pm

I have been disabling traps as I go through the campus. Making sure no one and no thing gets trapped and possibly hurt by it. I'm scared of someone getting seriously injured... or possibly worse.

As I went through the campus, after a weeks break to come calm and some coaxing from @Osore Satou, I have gotten more than half of the traps. Passing @lessie bonfire as she did the same. I did not exchange words.

Yet, as I go through and remove the traps I began to hear weird and distorted thoughts. It comes in like a harsh static and has an energy of being lost or confused. Now it wasn't the same as the receptionist in the office, that is more of a echoing voice.

I shrugged it off the first time. Sometimes I hear things in Radio waves or possibly another student fussing and crying over not being able to figure out homework or study for a final.

The normal stuff.

Yet, as I went around the ground, I saw him. He stood around 6'9" and my height being 6'3" it was massive for me.He was wandering around, circling one spot and he must have been there a while seeing how the grass had worn away. Or more of, pixeled away? It was odd, the grass below his feet seemed to glitch then turn into square pixels and fall back to the ground.

I attempted to get the mans attention, thinking maybe he was a student maybe affected by the traps, but as I got closer the static screeching in my head go worse.

It gave me a migraine that was skull splitting.

Yet, the closer I got the easier to was to understand him. It got easier and easier.

Despite my head wanting to bust open he was speaking to me clearly, give or take a few glitches, and he told me what he wanted.


11/14/2019 11:14am

@Leslie Bonfire I have come to disarm each and every trap you have set for these creatures. You will not be continuing with the plan to choose what you will with them and I will not be allowing it to happen.

It is that simple.

11/9/2019 4:25pm

Dad let me stay home today since he received a call about a large amount of electronic equipment I had exploded yesterday. I did not argue with him.

I am still angry about everything from before.

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11/8/2019 4:26pm

Hearing students wishing to take these void beings into their own hands is just wrong. Don't go and start kenneling things that you possibly don't understand, or can't speak too because who knows if what we consider an animal form they consider their natural body!

You are doing no more than degrading these creatures! Feeding them is one thing, making sure they do not possibly starve if that is something they do. Yet, to choose to take these possible sentient beings to get in the kennel and be a pet to someone who could possibly harm them?

That's taking a being and just making them a pet to be a pet, not allowing them the freedom they deserve.

My father was locked up and used as a weapon for years, to people who dissected and harmed him because they didn't understand what he did or tried to make it to their own advantaged. So how is that any different from what you are choosing to do?! When you know NOTHING of these species besides to see them around the campus and take it upon yourself to uproot them.

I KNEW osore shouldn't have to say anything about this. This is what happens.


I am sorry for everyone whose electronics are within my range. My rage is higher than it should be by the actions of some of these students.

11/8/2019 4:20pm

@Leslie Bonfire I do not think it would be a good or moral idea to go and adopt out these creatures?

We are not even sure that they are Animals, or if they are a living species of the population that has come to visit.

It is not right to just shove something you don't understand into a kennel, treat them as a pet and then tell someone "sure go ahead, I don't know what these are but use them as you will!"

I don't condone this as it is something that happened to my father, basically.

11/1/2019 3:53pm

@Osore Satou got an extra sandwich today from my dad, I had advised him what was happening but has also informed him to not let Osore know, as a way to let Osore come to think he was being sneaky. I only say this now, on something he can see, because I know he is feeling guilty about lying.

August knows you are just feeding a dog around campus, don't worry about it.

As we approached the dog again, I kept my distance getting a feeling that the dog would not appreciate me getting too close. Seeing how the last time I did, it snarled and growled, so I stayed a distance as Osore approached, looking at my phone but that was no help seeing how something keeps disrupting my cell phone signal.

Then again it could just be me in general; I have had this happen since I was younger. My dads come to believe it is because of my energy field around me, maybe something to do with my emotions. Maybe this is why the void dog doesn't like me... the energy disrupts its own energy just as many electronics hate.

All I can say is sorry to those on their electronic devices when I walk by. It has been known for me to erase entire things of data on laptops, phones and especially game consoles.

The dog started to glow green... This thing is starting to scare me. I may ask Osore to keep away from the dog for a little bit; I am scared of it becoming something eviler or sinister. Call it paranoia, but I don't like not being able to hear the thoughts of others around me. The silence is something weird, something that it's unpredictable and something that I feel myself I cannot control; seeing how my mind control would not come to work on something like this... I wonder if it thinks at all...

If I could get my hands on it... Imagine the experiments I co-....

Let's forget those thoughts....

It is a side of me that I would rather not dive into.

As for @Aggie Chandler the cats? They are more than likely just more variants of this void dog. Such as puppies or even just more void dogs, but they seem to like ham and cheese sandwichs and neon green jello. They may come to like bright colors, and that being why they took to the cheese seeing how it is that odd yellow color that seems so unnatural. I have had Osore come to bring it to the Admins attention of this dog, but when we came to speak to them it was said they were busy by a disembodies voice that came to echo past us as if running, saying that they were in another dimension right now for a sports meeting.

I suggest letting Admin know of any otherworldly creatures on the school campus if it doesn't look somewhat human.

Though we couldn't see the receptionist, they were very nice. It is easy to find them, just look for the flapping papers, they are normally vibrating around there.

10/28/2019 2:08pm

@Osore Satou seemed to find the void dog again, and I am not getting the best of vibes from it, but it seems to do him no harm anyways. When I got closer to Osore though, with the dog in view, he seemed to growl at me and wanted me to get this away.

It didn't bother me too much.

Due to my lineage, not many animals come to like me and seem to see some like negative energy due to my temperament that I inherited. It doesn't seem to disappear at all when it comes to animals from other dimensions either. Yet, the dog... thing? It seems to be friendly with Osore and that's about all I could ask for.

Though it irks me a little that I am not able to read anything, not even thoughts of some kind from this otherworldly being. Either way, I will make sure to let dad know to pack a little bit more for Osore in his lunches since this seems to be a routine now. Too bad it isn't a real dog, my dads may be a little more understanding with letting him have it. Maybe.

@Leslie Bonfire I heard your thoughts about frustrations when it comes to the void goo. This dog leaves nothing behind in the slightest, only a smile on Osore's face. I also suggest you watch your language when speaking aloud within your head, it is not the nicest thing to talk sorely of others.

10/15/2019 4:27pm

Dad, my dad August, let me know today about the improvement of my emotional distancing, and how I have come to speak more about the things that frustrate me than any other time.

Then again other times was met with the kitchen knives floating around me, but as the family trait seems to be: knives comfort me in an odd way. Also my own collection as in my room, it isn't my fault the milk decided to fall on its own that day, it came to anger me.

My dad, Nox, has been helping me concentrate better when it comes to reading minds. Since I have not completely learned how to stop reading constantly and hearing a lot of things I don't want to. I have gotten a little better but between that and practice other things... I get an overload and the voices become louder, but again as my dad says: it just takes practice.

My dad had his own practicing, years before I was born, but it was under bad and dangerous circumstances. Something he doesn't like to discuss. I don't push as his health is bad enough, and I don't wish to put him into a panic.

Something that could possibly harm him later.

Osore seems to be getting better with his powers as well, I am quite proud of him.

Walking around campus with him today he came to point out this dog, but to me, it kept shifting and didn't seem well... real. I told him to not go near it, as when I got closer it began to give him a headache and I had to back off, it seemed to be made of some raw energy. It seemed that he figured it out too, stepping away from it but yet still giving it part of his snack.

I know he won't be able to keep it as a pet.

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10/10/2019 8:17pm

Today has been... going.

Waking up I saw nothing, but red and from there, things didn't seem to get much better. I heard the neighbor's thoughts... he really should get his mother issues figured out. It may help with his high blood pressure.

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