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11/25/2019 4:29pm

@Leslie Bonfire I find it funny that you're attempting to blame us three for the other innocent students at psyhigh getting caught in traps YOU set because you can't just let these beings (who haven't harmed a soul, by the way, unlike you) mind their business. If anyone's roommates vanish, please contact @Leslie Bonfire because they're the one who has endangered our community with their unnecessary traps. God forbid there be something on this campus that we don't understand. Oh, wait, there's PLENTY of things on our campus that's straight-up weird. Funny.

Masaaki is doing well, by the way. I don't know about the other poor void creatures but I've informed Masaaki that, if he can contact and communicate with them, to convince them all to run away and perhaps find a safer and more accepting place to call home. I don't believe psyhigh is safe for them anymore with all these people trying to trap these poor creatures just because they don't understand what they are. Masaaki stays very close to me when we're both on campus now, and even follows me to classes. Luckily I've discovered that he can actually change his size to an extent, and makes himself small enough to fit in my backpack so he won't get me in trouble. He's incredibly kind.

Please, if you have a heart, continue to disable @Leslie Bonfire's traps to save the lives of these poor creatures. Masaaki has been nothing but an amazing and loving friend to me, and I'm so scared for him and the other creatures. Don't play into the crazy blabbering of this student, because none of these creatures have done anything to warrant imprisonment.

11/13/2019 6:10pm

Masaaki keeps following me around wherever I go, be it school, home, the store, etc. He follows me everywhere and while it turns a lot of heads, I don't care. He's my new best friend (aside from King, of course. King will always be my closest friend). While he's not with me 24/7, when he is around he proves to be more than "just a dog" as most have come to believe. He actually helps King's father clean up around the house (after much convincing from both of us for him to even allow Masaaki into the house) by consuming everything that isn't needed. All he does is hover over whatever he needs to clean up and then Poof, and it's gone. Most of the time he will shimmer the primary color of whatever he's consumed, but sometimes it's just gone, never to be seen again.

He's not allowed to stay overnight, and it seems like he goes back to campus at night. Maybe he has a home there that I haven't noticed before. That, or maybe the rift where he came from is somewhere on the school grounds and it's not visible to the naked human eye.

All in all, Masaaki is turning out to be a very helpful and caring friend. I wonder if I'll be able to communicate more clearly with him sometime soon.

11/8/2019 4:26pm

@Leslie Bonfire I don't think you should be taking it upon yourself to snatch up these critters and try to adopt them out to others who will not have any clue what to do with them considering nobody has been in contact with something of this sort before. Maybe they're more sentient than we think and you could be locking up another living being just like us. I don't think we should be treating these things we don't know about as fun little pets to just do whatever we would like to.

In other news, I met up with Masaaki again today and he followed me home! He wasn't allowed inside because, well, he is a creature from the void and we don't know what he wants, yet, but I did convince King's parents to allow him to sit with me in the backyard. I spoke to him but I don't know if he could really understand what I was saying, however, he did listen, and I know that much because his strange undulating form was completely still as I spoke, and only moved when I wasn't making a sound.

August brought out some sandwiches for us and he was overjoyed, especially because they were turkey sandwiches, and not ham, like I have been feeding him in the past! He started to make some odd noises at me, but I didn't understand. I told him this, but, well, he didn't understand it either. Oh well, I think we both "get it".

While he continues to remind me of a dog, I think there is a lot more to these creatures than we may think. He seems really intelligent, but I think he's trying to convince us he's an animal maybe to hide? Or maybe he's hiding from others and he doesn't want anyone believing he's anything other than a dog to stay undercover. No matter what, though, I don't think anyone on campus should be treating these beings as something they can lock up and give out. It could be dangerous for everyone.

11/1/2019 3:58pm

Well, that's some guilt off of my shoulder, @King Burr. I felt really bad about lying to August about the sandwich, but I was afraid he wouldn't approve of me feeding a weird otherworldly dog creature that could consume me at any given moment.

Thank you for asking him to make me an extra sandwich. I was a little surprised when he was so eager to make me two whole sandwiches. I thought he would say no for sure.

11/1/2019 8:36am

I don't know what other students are finding around the campus, but I can confirm that this void dog, now known as Masaaki because that's what I named him, does not leave any sort of substance behind. In fact, upon further observation after interacting with the beast yet again this morning on my way to class, I don't believe he even touches the ground. It hovers about 3 inches above the ground, as a matter of fact.

On that note, today I brought an entire extra sandwich for Masaaki, stating to King's father that I was very hungry lately and would like an extra sandwich because one is never enough for me. I feel a little bit bad for lying, but I'm too curious about this creature and want to know more about it. King has already told me time and time again that I cannot keep it as my pet, and while that's disappointing I also feel like this "dog" sees me more as a peer, and would never consider me an "owner".

When I met up with Masaaki, he did his normal dance of excitement that he's gotten into the habit of. It's adorable. I would love to record the dance on my phone but... every time I hold the camera up to it, my camera screen just gives me a static scene in return. Not even the surrounding environment shows up in the shot. Too bad. Anyway, I pulled out the sandwich made for him and offered it up, but he refused it this time. Maybe he's a picky eater and doesn't like to eat the same thing every time. Other than the sandwiches in my pack, all I had was a small cup of neon green, green apple jello (my favorite flavor).

I popped open the jello pack and set it in the grass for him, who seemed to be extremely cautious about it. Maybe the color is offputting. To be fair, neon green isn't really that natural of a color... When the beast "smelled" it, he seemed to be excited and gobbled the jello up, cup and all. It was a little horrifying, but this is the void we're talking about (I think). I'm sure he could eat an entire tire and be totally fine.

To my amazement, after eating the unnaturally green jello, the little glowing specs on this creature's body, which I originally assumed to be stars projected onto it's deep black, undulating form, began to glow the same color as the jello. That could be a little bit concerning, but it's just one jello cup, I'm sure it's not that unhealthy, right?

10/24/2019 1:55pm

Update on the dog... void... thing. I haven't seen it in a little while, so I had assumed it wandered off, but this morning on my way to my first class I saw it hovering around the outskirts of the campus again.

Now, I always make a point to be on time for classes considering I haven't had the privilege of attending school for a good portion of my life, but this "dog" outweighed my need for being punctual. Call it bad impulse control or what, but if curiosity is going to kill this cat, at least let me get killed by something cool.

So, naturally, I approached the being again and it seemed to recognize me from when we first encountered each other and I fed it. It's body undulated as if it were wiggling out of excitement; Much like I imagine most dogs would after seeing someone who gave them a tasty treat. I sadly didn't have a granola bar to share with it, but I did have a small packaged lunch that I received from King's father. I dug around in my backpack to find it and once I pulled the little brown bag out, the creature began to... for lack of better terms: pulsate violently. Perhaps other students have been doing the same thing, which is why it recognized what I had in my hand as some kind of food?

Either way, I opened the back and displayed half of my chicken sandwich for the being, to which it responded by jumping about happily. I asked it to sit and it did nothing but continue bouncing. Silly of me to assume it was trained when it's clearly an otherworldly being here to trick students into giving it food by being adorable. But hey, what works, works.

I set the retrieved half of my sandwich down on the grass for this being and it ran over immediately, engulfing it's snack in its odd, shimmering form. After... digesting(?) it, the beast approached me and made a very odd noise that resembled a distant train barreling through a thick fog. Oddly specific, I know, but it's all I could think when I heard it. Either way, I believe it was supposed to be a happy noise. I hope it comes back tomorrow, too. I might ask for a little bit extra in my lunch for tomorrow so I can share it.

I also am thinking of naming it Masaaki.

10/15/2019 4:23pm

I thought I saw a dog today on the outskirts of the campus. It had all the makings of a dog. Like a black labrador or something like it. Short, stocky body, long snout, big and floppy ears, etc. However, when I approached it, it turned out to be some kind of undulating mass of raw energy. Maybe it was some kind of otherworldly creature somehow lost in our reality? I wonder if it made itself out to look like a dog to get someone to approach it. Maybe it needs help.

When I realized it wasn't a dog, I made sure to keep my distance, but still offered up half of my granola bar to it. I mean... it did look a little hungry, for a shapeless blob from another dimension, what's the harm in sharing? It... scooted? over to where I set down the granola bar and just engulfed it in its form. Weird. It seemed appreciative, though, and while I didn't allow it to approach me, fearful I might be engulfed as well, I think it considers me it's new friend.

...I wonder if I could keep it as a pet? I'd have to be sneaky about it of course, but if it eats anything, like what I suspect, it won't be difficult to take care of it.

If anyone else sees it roaming around campus, tread lightly, I still don't know if it's dangerous or not.

10/10/2019 8:20pm

Today I woke up and everything tasted... opposite. My cereal tasted like chicken noodle soup, and my lasagna tasted like a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. It was disgusting.

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10/9/2019 9:39pm

I don't think I've ever been exposed to so much... 'weird' around me before, and I spent my childhood breaking everything around me every time I cried just because I was crying. I didn't even have to touch anything. But reality accidents? That's a new one for me...

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