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10/9/2019 9:43pm

Guess I should start this stuff?

My dad has come to tell me that journaling will help me with my emotions, whether it is finding them or controlling them? We will have to see with time I guess. With the way I am not able to express myself verbally, maybe he was right. Maybe this will help in the future, or here soon.

Then again being able to do what I need to, I don't really need to verbalize anything if I am able to read the person's mind and their judgments.

Then again others can't hear my thoughts, and unlike my dad I am not able to channel thoughts to others; so I can't rely on that.

I don't clearly remember a lot of things besides being at home, and being with my two dads during everything. One of my dads being similar to me, it really isn't surprising since I don't remember really anything from a Children's Circle.

I think I already talk more in a journal posting than I ever really have face to face.

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