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10/28/2019 7:47pm

I swear to the floating amphitheaters and back that the goo has nothing to do with me, @Leslie Bonfire!! I know it may look like vaguely form-keeping 'goop' but I do not drip. Please understand.

But hey, once you get the void off your shoe it has a plethora of uses, from being a real-life bag of holding to pretty effective potion ingredients. My grandfather was a void style fox-child who dripped and made a fortune selling the material to mountain witches. Make the most of it!

But also, if not me or the dog, as @King Burr confirms..... who made the mess?

10/24/2019 11:06pm

Sorry for the absence, I was looking at clubs and ended up checking out the Dancing club right on the tail end of its training for the clog dancing school competition. Really don't think it's for me (and I swear it's not because Psyhigh didn't win! It was just.... a little silly. I can't see myself dancing and especially not in clogs in the future.) I'm going to keep looking for a club that most suits me personally...

Also! My physical form is back in perfect working condition. Not a single bit of voidstuff left. Hopefully it stays that way for a while.

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10/14/2019 9:02pm

There's something kind of nice about being in a school literally meant just for those with psionic abilities.

For instance, I no longer get asked by ooh-ing and ahh-ing classmates to make random things float in the air. I mean, don't get me wrong-- it was enjoyable watching others gawk at my abilities-- but it's kind of like when random people come up to an accomplished artist asking if they could be drawn for free. Yes, I *could* make that pencil levitate, but I'd have rather just stayed low. Should never have shown off so much as a little brat... but oh well, what can you do?

There's none of that here. Everyone has similar abilities, so there's no need. It's refreshing, but part of me still wants to be admired by people without, you know?

In other news, anyone interested in forming a study group for Technomancy 1? Coding using psychic abilities is somehow even harder than regular programming...!!

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10/11/2019 7:18pm

Hello. If you happened to be in the vicinity of the southside end of the Bell tower and spotted a vaguely humanoid void-creature stumbling around, that was me and you really should have said hi. Because I was lost and could have used the help.

I swear the void thing only lasts a few days, my human appearance will restructure itself piece by piece in no time!

That aside, it really isn't every day you go out for a walk in your local suburban life and end up finding a new alley you've never seen before that not only leads you to a psychic high school you'd never heard existed (until recently, still getting over the whole memory unlock thing), but also triggers a very startling explosion of psionic energy that breaks apart your physical form. This is not the first time that's happened and by the Elder Beings above it probably won't be the last, but it's mind numbing every time-- I can't wait to feel skin around the void that is my state of being again...

... and I'm still not sure where to go for school tours. Is there a map? Why are the boy's dorms ever-expanding? I swear my room was the last room on the 5th floor last night but now there's about 5 more doors down!

This is going to take some serious getting used to... anyone interested in buddy-systeming with me? Either way, it's nice to meet you all. Please take good care of this very confused fox-child.

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