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Miranda Ashdove
- 7/18/2016 8:51am

Wow, I returned to school at just the right time! I'm really hoping I can get a blood machine so my demons won't go wild. Do you think they have rune guidebooks? I'm going to check it out.

They do have those and sooooo much more! I heard @Ava Elisabeth has a blood stone and I got one for myself to hep enhance my magick.

And I have been noticing the heat lately, is it just me? Maybe the heat shield around the school is growing weak, but why would that happen? Anyways, I'm going to see if I can fix it with some supplies from the shop.

My demons went haywire a few days ago and left black goo all over the stairs. I think it's alive. whatever you do, don't touch it. I don't want some weird Alt. Society event happening again with weird demon spawn.

The Sky Wolf
- 7/19/2016 8:49am

It's been a busy few days, but Zephyr Air Transport Inc. has many fantastic, esoteric, and bizarre items still left. And a large number are being offered at a substantial discount to you, the Psychic High School student!


The Hand of Calebesïs

The mummified hand of the Doll Emperor of Calebesïs, the very hand that Cortez shook before attempting to capture the Doll Emperor and his family. Like a lizard's tail, the hand fell off in Cortez's fingers when he pulled too hard and the Doll Emperor slipped away.

Using special cedarwood boxes designed to make enchanted dolls sleep, Cortez's soldiers captured the Dowager Doll Empress and the doll children. However, the Doll Emperor and his doll concubine escaped deep into the jungle, where it is said they began a new Doll Empire, hidden from the eyes of the invaders.

This is a deal you can't pass up! Come by and make me an offer! Trades also considered.

- 7/19/2016 7:44pm

Aw, the Sadie Hawkins ain't headin' anywhere for a spell, I reckon, @Ryker. Capitan Armondo himself intimated to me that they've got another week or so, the crew havin' spent so much time aloft in transit and needing a little time on the ground. As long as you see those sky sailors staggering around campus, their ship is still moored and their tents are still open.

Plus, with their Cornocpuia Buckets, they've got cargo squirreled away for ages--more than this little pit stop could ever buy all up. Plus, The Sky Wolf always needs to make a special find in every port, and I get the feeling he hasn't quite found what he's lookin for as of yet.

Me, I made a trade. A pair of speakers I carved from the singing wood. Don't need to plug 'em in--they just make beatlutuful music by themselves. In exchange, a big sack of intriguing coffee beans I'll be starting to roast real soon.

- 7/19/2016 11:42pm

Excellent! I was actually fairly disappointed, haha. Glad that they stay awhile. I certainly hope Captain finds something truly intriguing... Anyone want to help the Captain out? Thanks for the info @timberlina! I'll try to find some time to check it out!

The Sky Wolf
- 7/21/2016 1:06am

Zephyr Air Transport Inc. DEAL OF THE DAY

The Space Helmet of Ronald Reagan

47 years ago, on this very day, your great country was the first to put a man on the moon.

And that man's name... was Ronald Reagan.

There, he defeated the Nazis, and taught Mahatma Gandhi how to dance. He made friends with all the animals that could talk, made fun of the rest, and was the first to give them names. Like Toby. And Peter. And Joel.

He negotiated deals with aliens that would last for a thousand years, then went back in time and did it again. Was there anything he didn't do?

Now, you can hold a piece of history all around your head, and own the very space helmet that Ronald Reagan wore on that fateful day he first played golf on the moon and sold the planet for a witch's sawbuck.

Who knows what you'll see when you put it on? Come by and make an offer on this ancient artifact. Trades also considered.

Louis C.
- 7/22/2016 12:19pm

Hey how do you become a Sky Sailor, @The Sky Wolf? I've been talking to the crew around campus and it sounds totally great! I'm not afraid of heights and climbing the rigging around hull in flight wouldn't bother me at all. Plus, I worked in a tourist shop back in my home town and know how to work a till so I'd be happy to work the tents and do customer service when you're in ports. Oh, and, I'm quick with languages so wherever you go I'm sure I could pick up the local lingo quick.

I would join your crew! Let me know!



The Sky Wolf
- 7/23/2016 6:36pm

All our sailors have completed Merchant Airshipman's training from certified Aerialist Academies, @Louis C., but we do have an unpaid internship arrangement with Psyhigh where we take on a few cabin assistants for short stints. I believe you can get some class credit for it. Applications are in tent 7--you can post your resumes and answers to the essay portion here.

Captain Armando Lupiz
(Currently enjoying a haymaker's punch in the Spoonbender. Feel free to come over and grab a seat and I'll be happy to regale you with tales of the clouds.)

The Sky Wolf
- 7/26/2016 2:35pm

Airdrop Shop Stop Final Week!

It's nearing time for the Sadie Hawkins to pull up stakes and head on to our next locale, but you do have till next Tuesday morning to make a final decision about any of the outstanding values we've still got hiding in our tents and cornocpuia buckets.

There are still some very special coffee beans you might be interested in, @CoffeeisLife, and all manner of mood-enhancing writing utensils, @Maben, including a wide array of enchanted Sharpies. Bloodstones, Sweatstones, Snotstones, and Stonerosesstones, all mined from the quarries of Mt. Fata Mogana, still in stock! Alien crystal radio sets, Magnetic Memory Binders (comes in handy for hardcore Match Match players, @Terry Submarine), Klein Bottle Bird Cages, and more!

Also, we're still taking applications for our fall internship program. Pick up a form in tent 7 and post your resume and essay question answers here.

And remember, we're open to everyone in the Pittsfield, Doomstown and Tri-Color area to come on in and see what we've got. So tell your friends and neighbors!

Yours (but not for much longer!),

Captain Armando Lupiz
(The Sky Wolf)
Commander of the Continuous Merchant Dirigible Sadie Hawkins

Louis C.
- 7/28/2016 2:11pm

Application for Internship with Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

Name: Louis C.

Objective: To gain experience as a working member of a merchant airship crew.

Work History:
June - August 2015. Harry's House of Smells, outside the Haunted Hole in Fort Pierre, South Dakota. Served customers and maintained inventory of smells in jars captured outside of the Haunted Hole.

Psychic High School, 2015-present
Terrifying Middle School, 2012-2015
Momotarō Shinto Immersion Elementary School 2007-2012

Essay Question:
Have you ever had a conflict with a boss, professor, fellow employee, or classmate? How did you resolve it?

I did have a conflict with a fellow employee at Harry's House of Smells. She would not screw the lids on tight after allowing customers to sample the smells in the jars, which not only caused the smells in the jars to dissipate (leaving less smell for future buyers) but also filled the shop with a terrible, complicated odor, combining musky wild animal scents with feces and roadkill. This created a toxic environment in my workplace. Eventually my continued exposure to these loose smells caused me to become a Chiye-Tanka, which is sort of like Bigfoot. My hair grew longer, my patience with customers became shorter, and resulted occasional rampages in the store, creating a further loss of inventory. The employee in question was Harry's niece, so ultimately the problem was resolved by me being fired. After leaving Harry's House of Smells I soon reverted by to my old self, and only very rarely transform into the Chiye-Tanka (who is really kindly by nature. I was just mad at the situation, I think).

I also had a small conflict with a fellow member of Shadow Force Five named @Bella, but it was solved by calmly relating our issues and working them out with our boss, @Moira Angela. But now that there aren't really any shadows left to gather it doesn't really come up anymore.

Marni Saylor
- 7/29/2016 10:43pm

Ooooo I want to go on the airship trip too!

I don't really have a resume, because the only job I ever had was a summer volunteer at the Madam Blavatsky Youth Library. But I will answer your interview question here:

What is your greatest weakness?

Yttrium. Definitely. It condenses the color spectrum around me so much that I'm trapped like a girl in a TV commercial if I'm around it for very long.

Also, churros.

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