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Billy Sabab
- 5/9/2018 9:00am

Wasn't able to connect directly with @Bethany, but @Red Brown has a large collection of collectables that needs moving out of the dorms. Haunted pinball machines, possessed pachinko machines, love testers, grip testers, vindictive weight & fortune machines, angry punching bag machines. They're mostly in great shape, and I happen to know some collectors.

We've got just a little bit more space in the holds, and will be spending one more day on campus, so look us up if you've got anything you need taken away! You can't miss us--we're the big blimp moored down on Subliminal Field.


Billy Sabab
Master of Garbology
Matte Kudasai
(A Zephyr Air Transport registered and licensed delivery vessel)

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Billy Sabab
- 4/27/2018 12:27pm

Hi @Bethany!

We're here to pick up that garbage from the job you posted on Zephyr Air Transport. We've been knocking on your dorm room door (room 2700 right? have we got the right building?) but aren't getting an answer. Is there someone else who could let us in?


Billy Sabab
Master of Garbology
Matte Kudasai
(A Zephyr Air Transport registered and licensed delivery vessel)

The Sky Wolf
- 12/30/2017 3:23pm

Zephyr Air New Year's Blowout!

That's right! The Sadie Hawkins will be on its way on New Year's Day, departing Subliminal Field for parts unknown. Which means you've got only this weekend to take advantage of our lowest prices of the year!

Save big on low-probability value items like:

Vegetarian Fairy Wings (mild or psypicy)
Vexing State B-Gone
Car-lifting Telekinetic Helper Helmets
Unnecessary Stage Habit Inhibitors
Mollusc Wear (all styles)

We're also picking up a packet of mail from @Lilx for delivery to her far flung pen pals--looks like she's got a lot to write about! If you have parcels that you'd like us to drop off on our way, just be sure to bring them to us before New Year's Day!

Tell 'em the Sky Wolf sent ya!

Captain Alberto Loosend
(The Sky Wolf)
Captain of the Continuous Merchant Dirigible Sadie Hawkins

The Sky Wolf
- 12/24/2017 12:29pm

Last minute holiday gifts at the Zephyr Air Airship Drop Shop Popup Top-up Stop!

We'll have the tents open for business on lower campus and Subliminal Field till dusk today, and there are still plenty of affordable gifts and stocking stuffers available from our never-ending cornucopia buckets, including:

Hypoallergenic Third-Eye Covers (for when you just can't stand any more)
Black Cat Teleportation Jingle Snares
Holiday Gingerbread Getaway Cabins (bigger on the inside!)
Rare Earth Terminal Gravity Marbles
Pre-moistened Brain Towelettes (Save 20% when you mention @Freedom Hamburger!)

And LOTS more! Take a walk through the lightly falling snow and browse it all!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Captain Alley Oopenfal
(The Sky Wolf)
Captain of the Continuous Merchant Dirigible Sadie Hawkins

- 12/23/2017 12:04pm

The Sadie Hawkins is a beautiful sight, floating there above Subliminal Field in the morning light. I'm always partial to this time of year, at the pivot point of our orbit 'round the sun. Of course I loved the yearly Solstice parade, with the gals from Bodhmall Dorm marching around clad in nothing but evergreen boughs, but it's the forest itself that's closest to my heart. The air is still and cold with the sun coming up over the pines and you can see your breath, and that great big airship just sitting in the sky above it.

Captain Alfredo didn't forget my love of coffee, and brought me bags and bags of the finest beans from everywhere Zephyr Air flies. I've got my roaster out of storage and am running it out on the deck of my treehouse, filling the woods with that burnt toast smell. Mmmmmm. It's running right now, and if you follow your nose to it I'll let down the elevator and pull you up for a cup!

I traded some of my home-smoked bacon and maple syrup for the beans, but I've still got plenty to share. Back in Timberland, this time of year is full of ritual feasts marking the change of seasons and light (including a special waffle we only make this time of year), and I'd love to share our traditions and teach you some of our sacred songs. I'll even pull out my saw and sing you a song or two! Listen for its plaintive sigh when you're sniffing the woods for my roasting beans.

Happy new year, everyone!

Freedom Hamburger
- 12/21/2017 8:30pm

Are there pre-moistened brain towelettes at the airship shop drop pop up? My brain’s been seepy ever since the Reality Accident and I have a crust that’s starting to inhibit my pre-accident memory.

The Sky Wolf
- 12/19/2017 8:39am

The Sadie Hawkins has settled in nicely here on the south end of Subliminal Field, and we're restocking our tents with an entirely new selection of merchandise from everywhere Zephyr Air Transport flies, including:

Chaos Event Discovery Kits
Shell to Hell® ghost radio conches
Demon Tights (they're frightening!)
Collapsable Mind Umbrellas
Licorice Trotskies
Flying Bike Repair Kits (from FRANCE)
...and more!

Supplies are limited! So even if you've been by once, come by again today and see our all NEW inventory! Plus, it's Psychic Ice Sculpture Contest day at the Winter Festival, so bring a friend.

Captain Artful Lypseenker
(The Sky Wolf)
onboard the continuous merchant dirigible Sadie Hawkins
Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

Krystaleen Leel
- 12/17/2017 6:47pm

I invited my glass friends to the Winter Festival and their liquid bodies caught the light and sparkled in the paths between the trees.

We didn’t shop the airship drop, but I bought some earmuffs at the Faire.

Big Jim
- 12/16/2017 5:49pm


Welcome to the kickoff of Psyhigh's annual Winter Festival and Holiday Market! Throughout lower campus--every night through Christmas Eve--you'll find:

Games! (including Dunk-a-Psychic, TK-ball, and Haunted Claw Machines)
Ice Boat Races!
Psychick Food and Drink!
Handmade Vendor Faire!

Along with our yearly sale of handmade goods created by students and staff, we're also lucky to have @The Sky Wolf in town from ZEPHYR AIR TRANSPORT. The airship Sadie Hawkins is moored on the south end of Subliminal field, and that's right where you'll find their tents of exotic goods from across the multiverse, just waiting for you to take them home!

Come join the party, won't you?


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

The Sky Wolf
- 12/15/2017 2:38pm

Landing at Your School! The Airdrop Shop Stop Popup Store Is Back!

Arrival: Saturday Afternoon, 12/16

Where: The mooring post at the south end of Subliminal Field.

What: The airship Sadie Hawkins--part of the Zephyr Air Transport fleet--is returning for a limited engagement at Psychic High School, just in time to help you out with all your last-minute holiday gift-giving needs!

We've got a cargo hold full of your favorites, including Orange Flavored Memories (non-GMO, all-natural), Mystic Stick Wax (for your crusty wands and staves), Wi-Fi Tea by the bushel ("fresh"), Live-a-Life® reincarnation experience helmets (gently worn), Never Grow® Giant Toad Service (one set of reins included), and lots, lots more.

We'll be setting up tents beneath the ship as soon as we've landed, just in time for Psyhigh's Winter Festival, happening in lower campus all weekend long. We'll be here for a few days, but don't delay--many of our items are unique and once they're gone you'll wish you'd snapped them up!

See you tomorrow,

Captain Armin Lucerne
(The Sky Wolf)
on board the continuous merchant dirigible Sadie Hawkins
Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

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