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Zephyr Air Transport Inc.
7/19/2016 11:42pm

Excellent! I was actually fairly disappointed, haha. Glad that they stay awhile. I certainly hope Captain finds something truly intriguing... Anyone want to help the Captain out? Thanks for the info @timberlina! I'll try to find some time to check it out!

7/19/2016 2:37pm

I have been stalking Psychic High School for some time now... over half a year probably... and I suppose I just figured it was time to sign up. What bad could come from it anyways, eh? I'm Ryker Banister, and I'm ready to check out the school. It seems I missed the Airdrop Shop, which is quite unfortunate, but hey! It'll be back next year, right? Anywho, I'm super busy, so I suppose that's about it for now. It'll be interesting meeting some students.

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7/19/2016 2:32pm

Hello World,

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