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Psychic Synchronized Swimming
9/8/2018 7:35pm

Classes were pretty chill today. But I have a big mountain of stuff due in two weeks, not worried at all though. Two weeks is a long time. I just gotta work hard. In transmutation class we learned how to turn gold into silver, and in alchemy we were allowed to make lots of potions. I made one for re-carbonating sodas, and I also saw someone making a gumption booster! There's also a handful of other classes i'm attending. Maybe if something interesting happens in them ill write about them! Sincerely, a Radioactive Turtle

my first day
9/1/2018 4:40pm

So i'm student of the month! Its fairly interesting as I have only been attending for a few days, but i'm not complaining!

8/31/2018 9:20am

The classes were really fun today. In alchemy we learned about simple mixtures for things like making your hair a different shade, in Transmutation class we found out how to turn about 20 chum-toads into a gold nugget, and I also had some time to read about dragons. Its simple stuff and some of it i already know, but its still fun to see!

Sincerely, a Radioactive Turtle

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8/30/2018 8:26am

First week is hard. Don't know anyone in my classes and I lucked out (or unlucked out) and got a room to myself. I came here with @Johann Waedewdyr and I think he dropped me in a vat of something. I evolved into a Radioactive Turtle and sorta hopped away and enrolled. I'm hoping ill run into him again though, but this whole sentience thing is kinda making me queasy.

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