Medusa Oblongata

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9/14/2018 9:07am

I'm a transfer from the Home for Disembodied Students and am naturally interested in leadership and safety. Disembodied students might feel safe, or unsafe like @Elowen Rosenthal and hide in the bathroom all day. But we all signed non-disclosure agreements about privacy at the HDS and we can’t talk about it, or know about it, because our privacy went away with our bodies, and now we drift through your lives unobserved, and watch everything you do, even when you think you are having your privacy, which is what @Elowen Rosenthal is looking for in the bathroom.

I can't disclose what I think about GROTTO GHOST MANAGEMENT INCORPORATED or about pastel colors and poor fashion choices involving coopted commodified symbols of rebellion like rainbow colored mohawks and leather pants and fishnet tops. I think that I would be a very good fit and hope you enjoy my application.