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Wanted: Missing turtle
8/23/2018 1:33pm

Well, it's been a few days and I've had no luck locating Francis so far. I did speak to a girl on the roof, and she mentioned something about a radioactive turtle that I didn't quite catch and I had to leave for my Nocturnal Birdwatching Class so I couldn't stay and ask what that was about

When I say I haven't had any luck that's not entirely true though. Yesterday I saw Francis on the boys restroom in the second floor. He just laid on the floor blinking in and out of existance before disappearing. So at least I know he's still alive.

If anyone has seen a small green turtle that seems to shimmer like a mirage, please tell me. Any tips are appreciated

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Back to School Pals
8/23/2018 1:12pm

I worked there too for a summer once. Is Howard still working there? He was my supervisor and I couldn't stand him. He once yelled at me for dropping one of the dolls in the Maori collection

Wanted: Missing turtle
8/19/2018 9:05pm

Recently lost my pet turtle, Francis, while exploring the schools pocket dimensions for my Astral Projection and Urban Shamanism projects . Not sure where, perhaps somewhere between the Blue Hills and the Screaming Moon, but I am not entirely sure. I have made some posters, and I hope someone does find him, but I am not too optimistic.

Wherever you are, best of luck Francis