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Are Those Pixies in the Garden?
8/19/2018 9:32pm

I'm quite sure that EVERYONE can now see what I mean about those foul and dirty pixies. Even after the wonderful reception (put on by @Tamara Cowslip don't forget!) it's clear those pixies are ungrateful, obnoxious slobs, and are now threatening to TRULY destroy the fabric of our community. This is because of their terrible gluttony and now their tremendous size! They are smashing the flowers, crashing through the twigs and leaves, and just generally making a terrible, dirty mess out of our garden, just like they did in their homeland. Really, something must be done about this menace. That's why Nina Cereal, Daphne Dill, Fern, Nutty Feely, and myself will be coming door-to-door this week asking for your signatures to take action against this scourge. We must act before it's too late!

Are those pixies in the garden?
7/5/2018 8:08am

I believe that all fair and fey folk should be treated equally -- and I'm one of the friendliest fairies you'll meet, just ask anybody! -- but we really can't just keep accepting every elf and sprite that wants to come live in the garden. There just isn't enough room!

Take these pixies, for instance. They come down from the mountains, singing their weird songs and speaking their weird pixie language, and before you know it they're setting up stores and selling their odd-smelling pixie food and mixing with our fair fairy children. The whole feeling of the garden is changing!

We've got to do something about it. Which is why Nina Cereal, Daphne Dill, Fern, Nutty Feely, and myself have formed MOGGA: Make Our Garden Great Again! And our first job is running out those stinky pixies, and those little purple flowers they rode in on.