Tansy Ragwort

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8/31/2018 9:01am

In light of the recent Fairy Forensics report concerning the delicious desserts served at the Pixie Welcome Brigade Potluck, we are announcing indictments against Daphne Dill, Nutty Feely, and Nina Cereal for utilizing banned ingredients and intentional dessert weaponization. There are also several ongoing investigations of unindicted co-conspirators related to this matter.

The ingredients used in the malign confections were not poisonous per se, but created a glamour surrounding victims, resulting in the illusion of increased size, bloating, sweating, nausea, dizziness, cramping, grumpiness, and clumsiness. Again, none of these symptoms are real, but ingesting the desserts altered the appearance of the victims, resulting in a wide range of perceived but unreal property destruction to the garden.

A Fairy Repair Team has been invoking rituals (please stay out of the yellow taped areas) to dispel the effects in the victims, as well as revert the illusion of damage to the garden to its original pristine state (which in reality it never lost).

The one real physical change to the garden—the stone wall erected by the organization led by @Holly Hock—is also being dismantled at this time. Fairy Riot Control will remain in the area while this deconstruction is completed.

The Fairy Police apologize for any inconvenience as these tasks are carried out.

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Are those pixies in the garden?
7/10/2018 1:58pm

Miss @Holly Hock, ma'am. I'm with the Fairy Police, and we've found these MOGGA signs all along the edge of the garden, near the pines and the ferns, which is your right as a member of the Fair Folk, ma'am, to express your opinions in the garden. But what I wanted to talk to you about are these Pixie traps we found in the same area. Now these are the ones with the sticky glue bottoms, and we already had a heck of a time getting a tree frog and a spider out of them, but if a Pixie were to get caught in one of those, well, it might be a bit dangerous for them. Do you know anything about these Pixie traps, ma'am?