Karenia Brevis

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Back to School Pals
8/20/2018 10:38pm

Yeah homework is a b*tch already, isn't it @Remi? Only the first week of school and already it's like "invent three new kinds of gems WITH YOUR MIND by class time tomorrow," and I'm like "I can't even imagine old kinds of gems with my mind right now because I'm so discombobulated!!!" but luckily @Serafina Wolfsbane is in my class and she seems like she knows what she's doing because I think she took summer school here. Hey who is your roommate @Remi mine is @Edi Acaran who totally hates school and has already skipped every class. Then last night I was on the roof of our dorm and I met @Johann Waedewdyr who was very sad and looking for his turtle and I said "Hey maybe it turned into @RadioactiveTurtle and that's why he is flying in space!" but it didn't seem to cheer @Johann Waedewdyr up much.

What? it's too late to work on my Gemology homework tonight so instead I'll just go to bed and dream about GEMS!!!!!