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7/22/2016 11:59am

Hmm it's been a few days since I've actually posted here!

And IN THOSE FEW, SHORT DAYS, I've managed to lose my mole cat again. Ugh! He just can't stay still. It's like when the sun goes down he has to dig around the world to find it again!

Wait... oh I hope he hasn't done that. Anyway, I've found a perfect spot to vaccu-skate around the school grounds. I mean... I don't really think that it's legal to do so during school hours? But oh well. I'll have to give it a try whenever I find my vaccu-board.

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7/12/2016 11:16pm

I really have grown fond of the daily journal. It's stress relieving, and at the least, relaxing.

Like who else would I tell about my daily happenings? Haha, the molekitten? I feel like he only comes around for food and generally hates having his belly, tails, And paws touched.

But I don't much like the interface I write in. I've heard of some students entering their journal through telepathy, and some through ancient time capsule. (That sounds like a throwback Tuesday to me.)

I think.... Maybe I'll try a dimensonal pen. You know, write on the fabric of time and all that. Maybe I can bind a few pages.

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Newbies center
7/12/2016 11:11pm

Newbie here! I've had fun posting but I forget to post some days.

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7/11/2016 11:00pm

Wow ok! So I've been looking for my Mole-kitten for a little bit now. And. Wow.
When he said he needed some space, he really meant it.

his collar says he's made his way back into space. He's not even in the local star group this time. Sigh. Guess I'd better go get him before he eats a dwarf planet.

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7/6/2016 3:54pm

It's so liberating to finally be able to sing out loud without worrying about scaring others! I know I'd be pretty freaked out if I heard a chair or vase start up suddenly. Ofcourse, I'd probably recognize a shapeshifter.

I was singing something jazzy I made up on the spot, with no one really in the rec room itself, but I knew the people in the halls outside could still hear. I didn't care, haha.

I thought of the marble bird and how it flitted away, chanting a melody not from this world.

Then the room was filled with a loud string of keys ringing in the air. There was a grand piano in the lounge room but..who was playing it? I didn't think anyone else was in here.

There wasn't. When I turned around the music stopped. I turned and once again, as if it were shy with my gaze, the piano played my tune. It ushered me into a softer state. I loved piano and it was so easy to sing to his... her... its (?!) playing.

I didn't want to make any brisk movements and scare the music away again. So gingerly, and very slowly, I raised my mirror up above my head and pointed it behind to the piano.

"Oh, now I see you."

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Mineral Notice
7/5/2016 4:26pm

Wow, I knew this wasn't going to be as easy as just being myself. It couldn't be as easy as just taking off my disguise, lowering my mirror and saying, "Hey! How are you doing! Call me Milk."

My first few steps into Theoretical Wormhole Welding and I'm already falling apart. I don't mean that in the emotional sense. (Well, I do, I was a wreck. But that's aside.) Only when I made it to my seat, did I noticed the little white debris on my shoes... and the floor.... and the door.

It was OVER. Everyone could see me chipping and flaking! Veins of blushing Calcite and foggy quartz everywhere. Maybe they could've overlooked my rock hard exterior before, but when the teacher was missing her chalk stick and serendipitously found a chunk on the ground...

I can't stop blushing and now I've realized I don't have all my pieces! Sure, it'll just grow back, but It's so embarrassing to have them scattered over the school. (I saw a raven take a piece of my limestone into that alternate dimension in the shed, where everyone dresses like giant sloths. You know the one.)

I don't remember all the places I could've dropped pieces of myself at. So if you happen to see a shiny cluster of rock at the fairy circles, the zero-g zen gardens, floor 3.5, or wherever, please be so kind as to return them to me! THANK YOU.

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Mineral Notice
7/5/2016 2:54pm

Ok, ok. I guess it's now or never! So far, I've been content sitting in classes, disguised, lucky enough to have teachers willing to not call on me much. I thought it wouldn't be too hard, you know? You hear about those students: translucent, transparent, and in all other ways, invisible. I thought I could, you know, just pass as a shy disembodied voice emanating from a mirror on a desk. But this morning, I saw a definite sign! I was in the gardens, looking in my hand mirror and caught this beautiful marble bird taking flight! Of course, when I looked, it was gone, but I'm sure I saw it! I'm sure of it. Had it been a spruced little cardinal, or a freckled wren, I wouldn't have even batted a lash. But a marble bird! Can you call it a coincidence, that a bird as milky and splotched as myself would show up in my mirror just before my new classes?

I'm sick of masquerading as a spare desk in class, (especially the days people decide to sit on me!) and uh, my grades are falling behind from not participating in class anyways, ehehe. I had been wondering if and when would be the right time to show myself. Will the others be put off by the fact that I have calcite-rock, where they have (mostly) pink skin? And what about my cracks? Oh, I hate my cracks. Will they ask about my mirror? Will anyone even care?

Sigh... ooh, I'm so excited, but not quite. I'm also still so worried. It's like a cauldron bubbling up in my tummy, worrying the stew of thoughts inside... wait, no, that's just my homework assignment for Advanced Witching and Brewing! AAAH BURNING!

-Ever the only, Milkhead.