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Star Queens
7/9/2016 10:41pm

I have mixed feelings about leaving Earth. I'm looking at the southern hemisphere from the porthole in my cabin. The Space Arks are full and moving a safe distance away to observe the destruction. Not sure if I'll be able to see it out my window when we get there. If I am, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch it.

Of course, we had to evacuate. And we couldn't tell the Earth people that it was coming because it would have created unnecessary chaos, since they couldn't be evacuated anyway.

I'll really miss the non-extraterrestrial friends that I made. I'm sure most of us will. But there wasn't anything we could do. There's no stopping a giant space bullet like that. And it's obviously a 4D event. Everybody's counting on going there as soon as it takes form in the chronofix. And you know what they say about 4D events being completely predetermined in time, which is why we can visit them in person in the past. So it's inevitable that the space bullet will pierce the Earth tomorrow at almost the speed of light and reduce the planet to a cloud of plasma in under three minutes.

You can't dwell on it. Just keep moving on, to a new school, and new friends. And a new 4D event that will get as old as all the others. Soon, I hope.

Bye Earth.