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Trans-Dimensional Shape Foam Beds
9/19/2017 1:43pm

Hey everybody I discovered that if you tune the control box on your transdimensional shape foam bed to 432 Hz you can pick up on the telepathic band of the dolphins' levitation helmets. It's best to do while you're asleep so you can more fully assimilate the frequency.

I found out I can get class credit in Social Justice Hexing 201 for monitoring the frequency and taking notes, and since it's a 10am class that means I can sleep till noon! Here is some of my transcription from my first day:

Swim with the light! Swim with the light!

Yaaaaas fin!

Wait, which light? I see like, four.

The clear light! Cleeeeeeeeeer!

Yaaaas cleeeeeeer!

*bonk* Oh no! Window!!!! Don't go that way.

Yaaaaas window!

No, not that way. Smash authority! Not noses!


9/18/2017 9:13am

There are buckets in the cafeteria today for the food drive for the dolphins who are protesting at 20th Century High. They've left the dolphinariun with the help of the levitation helmets (provided by an anonymous donor) and have occupied the aquatic center since last week, but their food supplies are running low. Please donate all the surplus fish and fish parts you may have -- frozen or otherwise -- and we will have it airlifted in to the dolphins. Thank you for helping out during this difficult time! Your donations will make a difference!!!

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9/13/2017 7:50pm

I went to protest the dolphinarium at 20th Century High today, planning to add a hex to the mix, but OMG it was so moving to see the dolphins stand up for themselves (not literally) and take over the aquatics center on their own!

Not sure how the dolphins smuggled in the levitation helmets. Nope. No idea about that.

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