Bellissa Bellezza

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The Gates of Phlerm
10/27/2023 11:37pm

Here's a pic of me in my new Super Giant Isopod exoskeleton. Pretty rad huh? Fits great!

Here I am with @Mason Witchman hanging out near the bubbly pool at Phlerm. Don't breathe those fumes too hard Mason!

Here's what it looks like from inside the Super Giant Isopod exoskeleton. I can get a pretty good view out of just one eye at a time.

Be sure to join me THIS WEEKEND when I wear this crazy outfit and submerge myself in the bubbly pool at the Gates of Phlerm and see if I can't fish out @Flakey Spidervein and @Linus. Will they have been crushed by the enormous pressure? Or already melted by the acidic goo? Or safely hiding in some tiny cave with a bubble of air?

FIND OUT in my livestream this weekend!!!

#phlerm #gatesofphlerm #drainsofphlerm #supergiantisopods #exoskeletons #interdimensionalpit #iheartsulfur #acidrefluxredeux #eldritchcavetours

Super Giant Isopod exoskeleton courtesy of @Omroy Shrimps and the Great Swarm.

Back to School Roll Call
10/16/2023 10:47pm

The airline lost my luggage, so I had to go through the Psyhigh Lost and Found for my clothing and daily needs.

Among my things was my award winning Halloween costume, as I am the Tri-State Halloween Queen for the Greater Psychic School District IVB, and came to Psyhigh for the crowning ceremony.

As there's no way I could replace my magnificent costume in such a short period of time, I was wondering what kind of options students on campus might have on hand or suggest? I promise to tag and @ you in my posts, which are guaranteed to receive 1M+ views.