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Bones Club
11/20/2023 10:50pm

Transcript of a key portion of a butt dial from Everly Cheetam, Medium Subdirector of Psy Corps Security. Provided by a reliable anonymous source.

CHEETAM: Well they're the only game in town, like it or not. 

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Right on. It's a natural cycle.

CHEETAM: It's like the business cycle with a capital B. 

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Things gotta crash before they can go back up again.

CHEETAM: There really is no alternative. Can you imagine one?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: It's impossible to even conceive of one. 

CHEETAM: And somebody's gotta stay on top. Somebody's gotta maintain order.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Evolution, competition, mass extinction...

CHEETAM: Boom and bust!

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: And we're just one bomb away from boom.

Pearl Plasma reporting, Psyhigh Student News

The Gates of Phlerm
11/1/2023 11:55pm


In a stunning blend of statecraft and good old nostalgic fun, the Super Giant Isopods of the chilly waters of the North Atlantic announced their Empress upon the Earth, Goddess of the Great Swarm, @Bellissa Bellezza, at the Halloween Dance in Tara Hall early Wednesday morning.

Bellissa was also there to be crowned Tri-State Halloween Queen for the Greater Psychic School District IVB, and appeared in an amazingly realistic Super Giant Isopod Skeleton (courtesy of @Omroy Shrimps and the Great Swarm).

After a dramatic entrance which resulted in no deaths, Bellissa fought her way to the stage, throwing students left and right, then ate the microphone.

Pearl Plasma reporting, Psyhigh Student News

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