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Mosier M.
- 10/31/2023 10:27pm

Bones Club meeting.

If you have to ask where or when, you're not in Bones Club.

The trick to Bones Club is it's happening ALL THE TIME.

- 11/2/2023 9:56pm

Exclusive! Authentic! Limited Edition!

The Secret History of Bones Club

A 32 page pamphlet available from me, in the back of the cafeteria, every day at lunch.

Pay what you can sliding scale. Signed and numbered.

Engram Foreman
- 11/7/2023 8:55am

The so-called Secret History of Bones Club that I bought at lunch says that the three rules of Bones Club are:

Mass extinction

Is that true? Seems a bit dark, wot? And this pamphlet feels like it was made on the copy machine at the Handymart.

Iris Pupel
- 11/12/2023 9:54pm

Basically, I make deliveries. Usually in the form of a high security briefcase. A very stylish and expensive one.

Word comes down from the head bone, head bone's connected to the neck bone, neck bone's connected to the shoulder bone, shoulder bone connected to the arm bone, arm bone connected to the wrist bone, wrist bone connected to the hand bone, and I make a pick up and a drop off.

Men in business suits in conference rooms on the 30th floor. Dark glasses and earpieces on chauffeurs packing heat. It's my after school job and I get to ride my bike.

Bones Club Referral Agency. Sign up today.

- 11/16/2023 10:55pm

Bones Club does analytics outsourcing, so it's a great way to get ahead in your studies through volunteering, and some of it you can even submit for extra credit! Well, not most of it, really, because the of the non-disclosure agreement.

But it is really hard work and there's a lot of "sweat equity" when you have to compare numbers between different species and decide which ones have to go. I mean, nothing flashy like Javan Rhinos or Orangutans or those cute little Vaquitas -- that's way above my pay grade, and those have PR value anyway. I mean more like weird amphibians and birds you've never heard of but still they were part of God's plan once but now they're looking at me to make the call. I guess it's because we have such a flat power structure at Bones Club that even an intern like me has such an important role.

Pearl Plasma
- 11/20/2023 10:50pm

Transcript of a key portion of a butt dial from Everly Cheetam, Medium Subdirector of Psy Corps Security. Provided by a reliable anonymous source.

CHEETAM: Well they're the only game in town, like it or not. 

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Right on. It's a natural cycle.

CHEETAM: It's like the business cycle with a capital B. 

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Things gotta crash before they can go back up again.

CHEETAM: There really is no alternative. Can you imagine one?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: It's impossible to even conceive of one. 

CHEETAM: And somebody's gotta stay on top. Somebody's gotta maintain order.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Evolution, competition, mass extinction...

CHEETAM: Boom and bust!

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: And we're just one bomb away from boom.

Pearl Plasma reporting, Psyhigh Student News

- 11/25/2023 11:06pm

Banned by the school board!

Unauthorized and uncensored!

The Secret History of Bones Club Part 2



13 point plan to destroy Bones Club
QR code
3D glasses

I've been kicked out of the cafeteria and warned in no uncertain terms to cease publication. This information must be shared! Find me in the visitors parking lot between classes. Pay what you can sliding scale. Signed and numbered. Profusely illustrated.

Engram Foreman
- 11/29/2023 11:17pm

Using the 3d glasses with the QR code (attached) is really awesome. Definitely worth the $5 I paid. The structure proposed is vivid and "makes sense," but how do I get inside it? What do I build it out of? Really, more questions than answers at this point but I encourage getting a copy of The Secret History of Bones Club Part Two before it's too late!

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