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Bones Club
11/16/2023 10:55pm

Bones Club does analytics outsourcing, so it's a great way to get ahead in your studies through volunteering, and some of it you can even submit for extra credit! Well, not most of it, really, because the of the non-disclosure agreement.

But it is really hard work and there's a lot of "sweat equity" when you have to compare numbers between different species and decide which ones have to go. I mean, nothing flashy like Javan Rhinos or Orangutans or those cute little Vaquitas -- that's way above my pay grade, and those have PR value anyway. I mean more like weird amphibians and birds you've never heard of but still they were part of God's plan once but now they're looking at me to make the call. I guess it's because we have such a flat power structure at Bones Club that even an intern like me has such an important role.