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The Gates of Phlerm
10/30/2023 10:30pm

While breaking live streaming records in her heroic social media event, @Bellissa Bellezza has been deeply... changed by the experience.

What came back up from the Drain of Pherm is not the same as what went down.

All systems were go when Bellissa was securely sealed within the Super Giant Isopod exoskeleton. Well, it seemed she was securely sealed.

We lost contact roughly 100 meters from the hole at the bottom of the bubbly pool. There was enough air in the exoskeleton for, well, some good amount of time, and we waited for some time longer than that when we finally saw Bellissa's carapace emerging from the muck in the pool. One of the freshmen there as Bellissa's social media interns was ready in a protective suit to help her from the pool, but the protective suit was not designed to protect them from the exoskeleton's vicious slashing pereopods.

Other interns rushed to extract Bellissa from the exoskelton, and we lost a few but it was clear that Bellissa was no longer a mere passenger within the Super Giant Isopod shell. She had undergone a hideous transformation and became fused within it.

And had become a mindlessly ravenous beast.

Bellissa had also hauled up two roughly human sized bundles with her, which we can only assume to have once been @Linus and @Flakey Spidervein, but were no longer identifiable in humanoid terms. More like leathery deep sea bats.

Naturally, I immediately called a Psyhigh Cleanup Squad. Especially since the bundles were still quivering. But the last I saw of Bellissa was her enormous armored form, glistening in the moonlight with the ooze of the pools, headed down the mountain path and towards the school.

The Gates of Phlerm
10/24/2023 8:06pm

A Super Giant Isopod exoskeleton would be very handy in a situation I currently find myself in.

While being a very good sport and doing his best to venture into the depths of the bubbly pools of the Gates of Phlerm in an attempt to rescue poor @Flakey Spidervein, I'm afraid @Linus has now gone down the drain as well. Apparently it was a whole other kind of Interdimensional Pit.

Would @Bellissa Bellezza be interested in donning the Super Giant Isopod exoskeleton prior to Halloween night? It would act as the perfect pressure suit for venturing deep into the Drains of Phlerm.

And think about the likes! The #phlerm hastags! The viral potential! Livestreaming!

I believe this is an opportunity you can't pass up, Bellissa.

The Gates of Phlerm
10/18/2023 8:57pm

The trip to the soaking in the pools at the Gates of Phlerm did wonders for my mood. The gloomy and foreboding walk to the hills, the ominous and oppressive atmosphere of the caverns, the stench of sulfur and eldritch glow—it really was a taste of home.

Unfortunately, in his desire to get to the most potent goo at the bottom of the bubbling pools, @Flakey Spidervein ended up getting sucked down the drain. No amount of spells from the Witch Empire of Nik’nikkor would bring him back up. I feel there must be other dynamics at play.

Since you have experience from the
Interdimensional Pit @Linus, would you be interested in a visit to the pools with me to see what you could do?

The Gates of Phlerm
10/12/2023 10:26pm

Feeling a little homesick for the Witch Empire of Nik’nikkor. :( The purple skies! The terrifying lightning! The screeching!

Tried trick-or-treating to lift my spirits, but discovered it's only a "once a year" thing here? How do you people support the haunted candy industry??!!

@Flakey Spidervein offered to take me to the soaking pools of Phlerm. Maybe that will perk me up.

Back to School Roll Call
10/4/2023 9:33pm

I’m here on a temporary cultural exchange from the Witch Empire of Nik’nikkor to observe and experience the Psyhigh Halloween festivities.

Back in Nik’nikkor EVERYDAY is like Halloween, so I’m really looking forward to a break.