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Ms. Hazeltine
- 8/31/2023 11:30pm

Welcome to all new and returning students!

We hope the reality disruptions of the summer have been fully erased from everyone's memory and there will be no more talk about the giant Space Ark. It's time to settle in to a new school year, focus on our studies, and maybe make a few new friends along the way.

So why not take a moment to introduce yourself? Let us know a little bit about your background, what you're looking forward to this year, and your visions of the future! Unless, of course, telling us your visions of the future will contaminate the timeline in such a way that that future will never come to exist. Well, I mean, unless it's a really terrible future, in which case you should try and prevent it from happening.

Psyhigh supports and promotes an inclusive environment, and students who do not register for this electronic roll call will be viewed very suspiciously for their lack of performative enthusiasm.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Jira, Clairvoyant
- 9/1/2023 11:55am

What space ark?

Jira, Clairvoyant
- 9/1/2023 12:21pm

My name is Jira. I was raised in a strict social hierarchy where peasants like me can't become psychics. Only the middle class can. When Father showed me news about psychics, which are rarely covered by us peasants in the media, I wanted to be one.
Mom disallowed all of this news about different economic classes and other "distractions" that weren't distracting (in my opinion).

So, I manifested my way to Psychic High.

I'm looking forward to making friends I can relate to (I'm a little anti-social.) and my healing magic classes. I think knowledge could get me money, but it may be a cultural thing as I am new to the Tri-cities area.

My visions of the future include:
I would host a shop for all psychics right near Psyhigh. It also would include stuff related to multiverses, my world, and textbooks.

Interact with more people than @Aubrey Ingram.

- 9/1/2023 1:05pm

Hello everyone?My name is Aliah, I'm new here, and I guess I just want to see if I can learn any new things about Psychics. I've been participating in witchcraft for about 3 years, and I occasionally tamper with the Earth's energy when all of the planets align. So, Sorry if you had a bad day when the planets matched up! It was me, oopsie!

Ryan Gavins
- 9/4/2023 11:30pm

I'm already planning on a career as a mental plumber. Because I want to help people.

Spatka Pitalismus
- 9/7/2023 11:32pm

Die Psychic High School ist eine Welt des Überflusses! Alle unsere Herzenswünsche sind zum Greifen nah. Alles, was wir uns nur wünschen können, steht uns zur Verfügung. Ich habe heute schon dreimal Boba-Tee geliefert bekommen.

Omroy Shrimps
- 9/10/2023 10:54pm

Super Giant Isopods! Hear my call!

I am the Herald of the Super Giant Isopods of the chilly waters of the North Atlantic.

We invoke our right to call for the Great Swarm, to settle our differences and align on our path to world domination!

Book your hovels now! Operators are standing by to accept your subsonic chittering at diametric frequency #fZIQteskmRLS@3s.

Jasper Nightfall
- 9/12/2023 9:32am

My name is Jasper and I'm new here. I saw this place in a vision when I was 5, and I have felt The Pull ever since. That sinking feeling in your stomach, the static behind your eyes, the whispers of longing that leave you constantly uneasy.
And so finally I am here, and the unease has subsided for the first time in at least a decade.
I want to learn about psychic puppetry this year, and I hope to learn more about my visions.

- 9/17/2023 10:46am

Hello everybody! Second year at Psyhigh and I'm so excited to see newcomers!

For all new students (mainly for young witches/wizards), I recommend taking Mrs. Iuvenis's class. She teaches simple spells, and also teaches you some latin chants! It's pretty easy to get a good grade there, so definitely try out for it.

We'll have a great year this year! Happy spell-learning!
-Aliah Esper.

Sam Kintz
- 9/21/2023 6:39am

I dont know how I got here, and everyone here is really weird. They’ve done things I haven’t thought possible. Does anyone know where room 2213 is?

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