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10/22/2015 8:29am

I decided to interview @Gretel for my interview assignment. She seemed a bit jumpy, as if there was something she wasn't telling me, but hey, I'm no detective. I'm not digging for information, or for dirt on anyone. I just wanted to know how she got Student of the Month. She was very kind, going to such lengths as telling me in distinct detail about her stuffed animal collection and the mayhem they spread, sparing no bite mark, leaving out no bloodshed. She even went and showed me the marks she had, some still swollen, from where the animals bit her.

I'm in no hurry to encounter them. She did offer a quick peek, but I refused as politely as I could.

She told me about her songs, and she sang a few lyrics for me, and of course I listened and applauded...but...between you and me? I thought they were absolutely beautiful. A wonderful artist, that girl, and an amazing voice she has in her arsenal. It was soon obvious to me why this girl of many talents was at one point "top of the school."

I have my information, and I'm ready to turn it in, so I'll head over to his office and slip it under the door along with a petal from the flower on the wall next to it, as is custom, I'm also slipping under a note, asking him to help me distinguish what the lights could be. I hope this doesn't disrupt the balance of the Grading Process, but in case it does, I have a copy made, ready to go.

I haven't been able to discover their meaning, but they drive me insane. I see them every day, now, as if they enjoy seeing me tormented, so they continue to come back.

Blue, purple, lime. In that order.

Blue on my right, purple on the left, lime back on the right.

I spin around, following them with my eyes, people look at me and think I"m strange, but I swear they're real, and they're there. The professor will believe me. Hopefully. I even asked Gretel if she'd seen them, but she, like everyone else, shook her head, a puzzled expression on her face.

So It's my own mystery. Sweet.

Until next time.

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10/21/2015 2:23pm

I wonder if there are any mind readers at the school. I mean, it is an ability people like us would have, right? Or is mind reading just a rumor? Oh well, if there's any truth to it, anyone and everyone who has the ability now thinks I'm stupid.

What would I do if I met a mind reader, anyway? What conversation could we have? They'd already know everything about me! They'd know what my words will be before I fully form them.

Gosh, having a mind reader friend must be hard.

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10/21/2015 8:02am

I have a new assignment from one of the professors. He want's us to interview a previous student of the month, find out how they got where they did, and find out where they've gone once the month is over. I guess I should probably start with that last one, since, I'm kind of new to school and I have no idea who they are…or…where they are.

I finished the blueberry muffin from this morning and looked over the assignment, as it appeared under my pillow, and I must admit, I was a bit surprised. The student of the month was a huge title to own, and I wondered why little people like us were to visit them. Oh well, I'm not about to turn down an assignment. Need a passing grade.

I'll start later today, after lunch, perhaps. In the meantime, I want to look into a few strange lights I've been seeing over the school. It doesn't happen at night, but in full daylight, and it's easy to miss them. They dance right at the edge of my vision, and by the time I turn my head they are gone. The only colors I've observed are blue, purple, and lime.

If I ask another student if they saw them, they say no.

I wonder if these lights are something that's going to happen in the future, and my visions are advancing. I'm not sure if that excites or scares me. If I walk to class looking in the direction they usually appear, the lights will shift positions. They appear in front of me, in a way that if I'd been walking normally I would face them. No matter what I do, I cant see them full on, and I only see them on one part of the campus, and then only at one time of day. It's frustrating, really.

Anyway, I'll get to the bottom of this, and I'll find an old Student of the Month to interview.

Until next time.

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10/19/2015 2:59pm

Vegetables for dinner again. I guess the school doesn't get many shipments in, do they? I kind of miss the protein...I mean, yeah, sure, there are shelves and shelves of beans, but I've learned how destructive those can be in a mostly silent school, so I usually push them aside.

Let me put this thing up and finish my carrots.

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10/19/2015 8:18am

Good news! The professors have given up their hold on the cafeteria, just as everyone said they would eventually. They devoured all of the food, but that's fine. Really, when they ran out of raw meat they only lasted a day before giving in. Sadly, when I say they ran out of meat, I mean all of it is gone. All meat in the cafeteria has been eaten. The school head is hiring new cafeteria workers as I write.

My classes have helped my visions grow stronger, and I hope to soon see the future minutes before it happens rather than seconds. The only problem is that although they grow longer, they cloud my thoughts. I've taken notes down about three seconds before the professor says anything, and I haven't even noticed until I look down.

He had a lecture about cheating today, and what happens to students who cheat. I heard him say it before he did, and my gasp of shock was followed a few seconds by the rest of the class.

It's kind of embarrasing when I have those moments, where I react to something before it happens. Like when I'm asked a question and I raise my hand, only to find out that the professor still has his back to the class writing notes on the board. I let my hand sink back down, only to have someone else rush forward and answer.

Oh well. Today we learn some about how to control the visions we have. Although some never will, there a few of us who can suppress or conjure them, usually more of the first than the second. Only the truly gifted can summon a vision. Mine come naturally, so, I don't think they count as conjuring. Hopefully I'll learn a little about making them shut up so I can pay attention in class.

Ha, how funny, I get to learn how to learn better. Ha.

Until next time.

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10/18/2015 3:58pm

Just saved a student from a potential heartbreak.

I whispered in his ear as he went up to a girl, "She's taken, don't try."

My future vision saw him being rejected, but it changed with a sudden jerk as I got his attention, now showing him in a defeated pose slouching away.

Oh, there he goes. Hope I didn't hurt him more than the rejection would have. Surely I didn't.

There is little that hurts more than embarassment over love.

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10/18/2015 6:04am

Well, the good news is that the person at the door was not a demon.

The bad news is that the professor had his eyes wide open as he scoured the damp walls littered with rusting shelves of cleaning equipment. I had to freeze where I was, not stratigically placed in any way, or risk being seen.

Luckily, somehow, the teacher left me alone. Once the hallway was clear, I cracked the door open carefully and peered around. Despite the carnage I'd heard earlier, the walls were spotless, the paintings intact and the stone around me not dripping in black froth and professor excretment. Nothing remained of the battle but the electric feel in the air that lingers after multiple beings clash in hate. Needless to say, I ran.

It was about lunch time, but lunch had been cancelled. The professors had decided it was time they got the thanks they deserved for saving the school again and again from demons.

I agreed, willing to thank them in an instant for fighting so that I could stay alive, but another student reached forward and tapped on my arm as I nodded.

"No, no, you're not supposed to compliment professors. It makes them grow in power and size. Then, the next thing we know, they'll stop asking for thanks and start asking for our undivided obedience." she said.

I smiled and thanked the girl. I needed good friends like this to tell me when I was wrong.

Dear God, I'll be dead in a week.

Anyway, lunch has been cancelled for the week, as well as breakfast and dinner. The teachers have holed themselves up in the kitchens and are using their abilities to turn the staff into mindless slaves. They're eating all the raw meat and rampaging. Quite barbaric behavior for such advanced beings, if you ask me.

Anyway, I'll tap into the money my mother sent up with me and indulge in some fast food grease traps.

Until next time.

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10/17/2015 10:04am

Currently hiding in the janitors closet in the west wing of the Pshycic Tower building. The name is deceptive, considering it's not a tower at all. At least, none of the students see a tower. Every professor claims that it is one, and that it's the tallest of the towers on campus. No student dares crontradict them.

There's a terrible screeching noise coming from the hallway outside, where one student failed to summon the right ghost during their seance exam. They brought in a demon. But it's fine, really, the professors are on it, using the rulers they usually use on sleepy student's knuckles to beat back the beast.

Something smashs into the wall beside me, and I admit, I am terrified that it will find me. It seems to feed on students. It tried to bite a teacher once, but it screamed in agony as black froth bubbled from it's mouth.

In fact, I feel as if the professors will be succesful in warding it off, only because their cold, silent demeanor has been altered into a deadly fighting machine.

As I ran, I dared to look over my shoulder to see, and I almost, almost, looked into one of their eyes.

Never look into the eyes of a professor.

There is a reason most of them keep their eyes shut during teaching sessions. No one quite knows what goes on behind those dark pits of pain and trapped souls, but I'm willing to bet it's nothing happy. They open during lunch, but then again, so do their gaping mouths.

Now that I think about it, has a professor ever eaten cooked meat? I know they never eat vegetables, only meat and always meat. But why haven't they had it cooked?

Maybe the next time I can work up the nerve to talk to one of them, I'll ask. Then again, maybe not.

Oh God, someone is pulling at the handle of the door. The screaming has stopped, but I hear may be over, but the teachers may be defeated. I'm putting away the journal, I have to find a place to hide.

Hope I live to write again.

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10/16/2015 8:25am

I don't quite know what I was expecting for my first day. It was rather uneventful. The classes were normal, despite the strange content they taught, and I gained answers for a few questions I'd collected over the past few years.

Being able to see the future just as it happens is hard. I do have a chance to change what I see, but because it happens so quickly, I rarely can. The most major thing I did was pull back a friend as she walked into a busy road, unnoticed.

I saw her step forward, one pace, two, then witnessed a red car slam forward, into her, her eyes registering something happening but her brain already gone, her life sapped as her head whipped down onto the hood. I heard the crack and knew she was dead and before I could stop myself I was reaching, reaching for her and grabbing her arm and yanking her back, letting the red car speed by with a roar of it's engine and an angry honk that seemed to scream, "Hey, watch where you're going!"

Other than a few close calls, today has been mostly uneventful, as I said. There was a strange bush that growled as I passed, and my future vision told me to walk near the bush would leave me with a nasty bite.

It was then I realized the bite would come from the bush. There was nothing inside of it. The bush itself growled and the bush itself would bite me.

I wisely changed my course.

Now I plan to sleep, and, well, I guess we'll see what tomorrow holds.

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