The Great Hallowe'en Disappearance

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Ella Shanks
- 10/29/2015 7:39pm

This Ghosting Epidemic is only temporary, I promise! Psyhigh is really trusting of its students, which is why they leave the controls unattended.

I thought maybe I could just fine-tune things a little. Not that things were really out of whack, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

Ok except maybe I'm not that good with technical stuff. Which is why almost everybody sort of staticked out. Everybody except @Nobody anyway. Everybody else, well yeah, they fizzed away.

But they're not gone, I swear. They're just... out of tune? I am sure that if I just keep tweaking with these knobs, I'll ba able to... ZZZZ$ZLTPH#?FFFF!!ZTt.

- 10/30/2015 8:11am

NO!!!!!! This can't be happening!!! This is bad this is really really bad THE END OF THE WORLD HAS COME!!!

The television has stopped working and I've run out of sprinkles. This is awful!!! I was just watching a new show on the Discovery channel, when the signal went out and all I could hear was static. I tried balancing socks on the antennae, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Maybe I shouldn't have relied on ancient soviet technology. Occasionally the static stops, but it's still not picking up any channels; it just shows grainy images of students, like @Kayla May and a golden @Aaron Dee in Psychic Cartography, or @Pearline standing in some castle. I'm not sure when the images are from or if they're real, or not, but everytime I turn visible, the scenes disappear. It's really weird. Almost as if being invisible keeps me in a certain plane of existence.

The newest person to show up when the static fades is @Ella Shanks. I think. I'm not very good with remembering names. Or anything. But still. Whenever she appears on the TV, it's almost as if she's trying to tell me about something. Maybe it's about... The Hidden Emergency Sprinkles I forgot about! Of course! *sound of Nobody rushing to sprinkle hiding spot and eating sprinkles* They're even Halloween themed! Well, that's one disaster averted, at least.

Farewell for now,

- 11/1/2015 5:05pm

Dear Somebody,
In a perfect world, I would say that my Halloween had been uneventful. I would tell you that everything had gone according to plan, and that I even had fun with my small family here at Psyhigh. Alas, it was not so.

I thought that I had taken all necessary precautions for prevention against possession, haunting, soul-scorching, and/or dream invading; I set up five different crystal pentagrams, lined the room with salt, placed charms on all the windows and doors, and even used a few forbidden incantations from a scroll Self-Aware Library gave me. They did work. (I think.) Unfortunately, they only worked on threats from outside the room.

It turns out that my television has been possessed by a very angry spirit, for a very long time, (which explains why I bought it on a discount) and the Television Ghoul reached the peak of its power at midnight last night. Long story short, after a brief struggle involving socks that had been washed in lavender (Mattie's), several burnt curtains (and one giant burnt pumpkin (Claudette's)), five or six jars of exploding sprinkles (mine), a tuna salad sandwich (Claude's) and a static-ky cloud of evil (the TV Ghost's), the entire dorm room seems to have turned invisible.
From the outside, it looks like a gaping hole in the building. From the inside, it looks like one is standing in the middle of a gaping hole in the building. I can see the room fine, if I turn invisible, so I know its there, but I was so terrified I couldn't turn invisible for the longest time. I'm still having trouble staying invisible. It took me forever to find my now invisible journal, and even longer to type this. At least, I hope I'm typing.

Anyway, the TV Spirit seems to have disappeared along with everything else; which means I can't politely ask it to reverse the, uh, curse. I find it slightly offensive that invisibility was used as a curse. I suppose I'll have to ask a teacher for help. *sigh* I hope I can remember where to find the teachers. And to go looking for them. And to... uh... I can't remember what I was talking about. Oh well.

Farewell for now,

- 11/7/2015 7:21pm

Dear Somebody,
*exhausted sigh* I have been very... Busy. It turns out that my room and all the inanimate objects in it were not the only things turned invisible by the TV Spirit; Claude and Claudette were too. I sincerely apologize to the students who have been set on fire by my invisible dragon's rampage during the past 6 days. I also apologize to the student who fell out the fourth floor window after being lit on fire by Claudette and then accidentally tripped up by Claude. I'm sorry I poured a bucket of five-hundred year old dream dust on you. I honestly thought it was water.

In other news, Claude has taken to being invisible a lot better than Claudette has. He's even made a couple of new friends with the other invisible cats.

I'm pretty much invisible all the time now. It's a lot easier than flipping back and forth constantly, trying to make sure Claudette isn't eating another teacher, er, pigeon. Yeah. That's what it was. A pigeon. I also have to be invisible when I'm following Claude to my classes, or entering my room. I prefer to stay invisible when in the room, too, because otherwise I can't find anything, and it's extremely easy to fall out the window. I don't know why I can only see invisible things when invisible. That's just how it works, I guess. I do kind of know why I can see things when I'm invisible, though, @Ella Shanks. I think. I'm pretty sure it's because when I turn invisible, I basically slip onto a parallel plane of existence (often the same one some ghosts operate on), where I can see everyone, and my physical presence is still present, but no one (except for those who are on the plane, or can see all planes of existence without traveling to them) can see me, and the basic rules of gravity among other things are slightly different. Kind of how most humans can't see ultraviolet light, but it's still there, I guess. Sort of. Not really. But still.

*terrified screaming and dragon roaring is heard* Oh dear. I suppose I have to go get Claudette. Again.

Farewell for now,

- 11/11/2015 4:54pm

I helped a poor, lost @Rogue... He knocked on our door (well, he sort of barged in) and said he needed to peeeee reeeeallly bad. I let him in, saying this is not the bathrooms but he could use ours. Jeez, they need to be more informational at Orientation. Don't they know they're letting freshmen wander around unawares? They had better draw up some maps fast, before some kid walks unknowingly into the Pit of Despair, or the Gateway to Hell, which are both currently invisible.
And here comes Rogue again, asking me where the nearest garden center is. Jeez, we may have lots of cool stuff, but we don't have everything. I said it's off campus, what do you need. He said pots. I said, d'ya really think you'd find that at a garden center? He said, no, potSSSS. I said, ohh, you can probably just steal some from the arboretum.
I then gave him a copy of our campus map and sent him away. We have four in the dorm at all times, anyway.
Oh yeah, and next time you need to use the restrooms, they are right by the wolfsbane. So sorry you were pointed in the wrong direction.
I wonder if @Nobody needs help banishing the TV demon, whatever it is. I am excellent with ghosts and demons.
Anywhooooo! We are currently watching the wizard battles. Omega is sitting next to me as I write. Well, I say next to me, but he is sort of perched on my shoulder. He looks like a little blue bird. Thom is trying to swat at him, and I don't think @Diadem knows he's actually Omega...
Sorry. The WBs are really exciting. Wait. Is that a bush moving? Hold on, let me get my binoculars.
Thank you, Omegabird. Now... Oh my, that is a bush! Oh, ha ha! It's got someone's leg! Heeheehee!
Later, dudes!

- 11/12/2015 8:10am

Dear Somebody,
I haven't been very good about writing; I'm sorry. I keep forgetting that I have a journal and that I'm supposed to write in it. Sometimes it seems as though my very existence at this school is determined by this journal, that without it I might fade away to just a memory. Maybe it's because I'm invisible and have a quiet voice.

Anyway, I've been thinking about life a lot lately, mainly about how fleeting it all is. One day you're standing in the halls thinking about that paper due tomorrow, and the next day you're gone. You never know when something is going to happen; Fortuna could suddenly reappear and zap us all off the face of the universe, a tribe of pixies could suddenly decide to take revenge by wiping out the entire school. Your family could be taken from you in one terrible moment, leaving you alone with the killer forever, or you could be driving down a trail in an ATV and get into one last accident. Life is unfair and fragile. An interplanetary organization could decide that you know too much, your father could decide that science is more important than your life. Or something could happen that causes you to haunt some poor innocent person's (and cat's) television set. But ask yourself this, is what happened really so awful that you have to cut out signal right in the middle of a new episode of Telekinetic Home Renovations? Or turn a certain roommate's designer clothes invisible? @Pearline, if you could help me with my problem, I would really appreciate it. I tried ask the Witch Docters stationed in the cafeteria, but every time I came near them, they started to smudge the air with incense and chant in creole. I might possibly have been invisible. But still. If you have tips or suggestions for breaking the invisibility "curse", or fixing the TV, please let me know. Having an invisible dragon is just asking for trouble. And third degree burns. Also, I don't believe I ever congratulated you on becoming Student of the Month. Congratulations!

In other news, @Alexander, I don't recommend transfiguring yourself into a dove; doves are Claudette's second favorite food, right after Chimichangas and polar bears.

*invisible meowing is heard* What? *more invisible meowing* @Silverfawn, Claude wanted me to tell you that he placed a couple of pots with peat soil in corridors 3B, 7K, and 98.76ß for you. I think. Or maybe it was corridors 6G and Fitzgerald. Or hallways C62, U2, and 3~~œßæ. I forget.

I'll try and remember to post. And to remember things to post about. And to... To do something else. I can't remember what. Oh well. I'm sure it isn't important. I hope.

Farewell for now,

- 11/12/2015 6:15pm

@Nobody, I suggest stealing some rosewater and roses. Roses, to coax the spirit out of the TV. Rosewater, to help banish the spirit from this realm. If that fails, you could always find a cooler TV, transplant the spirit into the better TV with your realty skills, and then quickly throw it into the 31st reality. That's where I dump my trash.
If those don't work, you can always just ask me and I'll summon a stronger demon to scare it out of the TV. Always be equipped with at least three backup plans, in case the spirit happens to be a very, very angry incarnation of either God or Lucifer. I doubt that will happen, but just in case.
Find some religious relics, and that might help. Also, salt of any kind is good.
Good luck in your endeavors.

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