Solstice Maintenance

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Ms. Hazeltine
- 12/21/2022 11:15pm

I am sorry to say that the Solstice Maintenance has not been completed on schedule. Especially sorry because this means delaying my solstice holiday trip with @Seketus Reed to the deep, dark, and highly romantic caverns of Glar-Oc-Nye, as featured on "Cave Fiancé." Sketus was an advisor on that show and gets an amazing discount on their Stalagmite Suite whenever he wants it.

As repair and upgrades to the Gears of Tomorrow continue, you may continue to experience mild disruptions in service, like the sudden disappearance of branded objects, corporate franchises, and marketecture; the invasion of maddening, gibbering thoughts; lost time; and time stutters.

Tomorrow continue, you may continue to experience mild objects, corporate franchises, and marketecture; the invasion of stutters.

As repair and upgrades to the Gears of Disruptions in service, like sudden disappearance of branded maddening, gibbering thoughts, lost time, and time.

I was really looking forward to that vacation.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Foreman Rickles
- 12/23/2022 11:10pm

The Gibrini Fans {specs} [abstract] (overview part II)

The fan blades bear the brunt of the temporal force as it’s processed for cognitive consumption. 

Astute observation during certain “key” moments in the Chain of Realization allows for glimpses of the mechanism. For instance, during swimming lessons, when the observer is being shown how to float on their back and being assisted by an old man in a swim cap. At that point the slow “chopping” of the enormous blades can be glimpsed in the Celestial Hebdomad. Similar views can be found using the Lightning Method by looking at the ceiling of certain hypermarts and “big box” stores, or experiencing visions in certain religious temples. 

Logan Andrew Tyler
- 12/25/2022 2:56pm

“Geoguð gamenian bâm borlîce ûphêah tôlicganm æst wyrht we ðafian,” Foreman Faustina says. I think she’s really starting to appreciate my help.

@Fardambango, @jason may, @2Jax and I got split up, on account of our “behavior” on our first day. But then the Druids of Tinkery™ arrived and they figured they could use us. Foreman Faustina picked me out personally.

“Hûru duguð heolfor onblôtan of hysebeorðor êower hârung reordian edwyrpan sê bewyrcan orgilde nêadðearfnes,” she continues. She’s super excited to have me climb inside this huge wooden statue she and the other Druids of Tinkery™ have been working on. It's a giant wooden man, made out of sticks and branches, with a open space inside his chest. Maybe it's some kind of parade float?

"In here, Foreman Faustina? Just, tuck myself inside? Like this?"

I didn’t figure this job would be quite this awesome.

“Yppan wægn hyrst! Meltan ðone as wyrpe! Onl ænan tôhwon onsægung ongen æman wægn hârwenge rihtanealdgeweorc folde!”

Hey. Does anybody smell smoke?

Ms. Hazeltine
- 12/30/2022 8:36pm

Well, thank goodness that the problem with the Solstice Machinery has been resolved, though it is with great regret that my solstice vacation with that dashing @Seketus Reed had to be entirely cancelled!

The school is very proud that the unique qualifications of Psyhigh freshman @Logan Andrew Tyler were instrumental in giving the Time Gears the boost they needed to get humming along for another year. And the Druids of Tinkery™ensure us his safe reinstantiation again, as soon as their busy ritual schedule allows.

@Seketus Reed left early to claim the room at the highly romantic caverns of Glar-Oc-Nye, but--including travel time and the date I need to be back at work--we agreed it just doesn't make sense for me to make the trip at this time. I also must have the wrong room number for him because when I call it there's a strange woman on the other end of the phone. It's a little disconcerting but I'm sure he's fine and it's just a simple mix up.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

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