Psychic Fair and Rodeo 2021

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Ms. Hazeltine
- 7/31/2021 2:57pm

It's time once again for the annual Psyhigh Psychic Fair and Rodeo!

As Psyhigh's resident cryptid wrangler, @Lasso Larry, is still unaccounted for in Worm Gardens, we're looking for volunteers to help organize the event for later this month. Prior experience in were-beast training, competitive ghost herding, and giant spider pleasure class a plus.

Members of Psyhigh's Psychic 4-H club will be organizing the mythic craft and livestock portions of the fair, and we are currently taking bids from the usual disreputable carny cults to run the midway.

If you're interested in helping out, you can find the signup sheet on the bulletin board outside of my office.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Lemony Green
- 7/31/2021 10:32pm

I don't know much about riding werewolves, but I love a good fair. Sign me up!

Deadra Horsley
- 8/4/2021 11:19pm

I just want to say that I hope the Psychic Fair and Rodeo goes old school, and not these modern fairs with all their lasers and jumbotrons and cyberhelmets with spinal syringes but it's all some virtual fantasy where you're just drooling in some dirty alley thinking you're having a great time but really you're not. Because I've been there and it sucks.

Instead I want real animatronic tarot readers, and cursed claw machines, and throw-the-hoop-over-a-stretched-and-melted-mountain-dew-bottle games where you can win a haunted doll. And carnies who sell bufotenin lolipops.

Can we have that @Ms. Hazeltine?

Dora Moody
- 8/8/2021 8:39pm

PSCYHE! My uncle Len has a company that uses crows to pick up waste at public events. Like, if you're at the park, and you see a bunch of crows picking through the garbage? That's my uncle's company.

Anyway he got hired for the Psychic Fair so I'll get to see him AND all his crows! If you're friends with me I"ll get them to pick a peanut out of your mouth.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 8/11/2021 9:51pm

I am thrilled to report that the Psyhigh Psychic Fair and Rodeo will begin setting up in the fairgrounds this weekend. The fairgrounds have just completed their year of exorcisms and deep psychic detoxification (after being declared a Psychic Superfund Site) following last year's event, so they're spiffier than ever!

The fair starts later next week. It takes this particular traveling troupe of carnies, clowns, flimflammers, and hustlers a long time to set up on account of their incorporeal nature, as they are largely spectral. The set-up work will mostly be done at night, so ear-plugs will be available at the welcome desk within each dormitory. Also, please beware of flying objects in the vicinity of the fairgrounds after dark.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Heavenly Betsy
- 8/15/2021 10:40pm

With all the screeching and racket down near the fair grounds, I had to go down and see what it was all about. Almost got hit in the head by a flying door!

Of course I brought my lasso, so I ended up making a fun night of it lassoing flying carnival props, like tent poles and popcorn carts and even a merry-go-round horse. Got in a tug-o-war with one of these ghost carnies, and as I had no right to be stealing their best material, gave it all back. It was then I offered to lend a hand.

It was the ghost carnies that suggested I enter banshee roping at the Psychic Rodeo, and that's a thing I think I'll do. But I promised to come back again tomorrow night and help them raise the ferris wheel.

Deadra Horsley
- 8/19/2021 11:02pm

So it seems like all the kids on campus are helping the spectres set up the carnival.

How do you do that? How do you get that job? Do you introduce yourself? Just walk up and say "Hey how can I help?" That seems awkward. Maybe just grab something and start carrying it around till one of them waves their ghostly appendage at you? Or screeches out their banshee wail? I guess I'd be scared just to walk up and talk to one of them.

So I sat on the hill overlooking the fairgrounds and watched. I saw the little kids from Wandering Pines come out of the woods, stumbling around like drunk little saplings. Their teachers came out behind them but, being full grown, were much slower.

Then one of those Zephyr blimps arrived with a giant disco ball and lowered it onto a tower the carnies had constructed out of broken wooden pallets and 13 foot ladders and scrap antennae struts from Arecibo.

It was beautiful in the setting sun.

So will we buy tickets for each ride? Or are there be wristbands?

- 8/21/2021 9:23am

HANNAH TALKS TO @Ms. Hazeltine

Hi again! Its Hannah posting again!! Recently ive noticed that a lot of my fellow ghosts are participating in this Rodeo or something. I don't want to be left out!

I know that the person you should go to for anything Psyhigh activities related is @Ms. Hazeltine. So earlier this night, I decided to talk to her about it. It didnt QUITE go as planned.

So, as Sweetie went into a deep sleep, I quietly flew over to @Ms. Hazeltine's office.

I knock on the door.

The noise seems to echo in the empty hallway.

I knock again.

No answer.

I knock a third time.

This time, she answers.

She looks a little tired, but she still keeps great posture. When I reveal myself, she still looks surprised, but not as much as most of the others were. I guess it's because she's dealt with quite a few ghosts in her career.

"Well, what a surprise! A ghost! I haven't seen you around campus! Ever! Nice to meet you!" She says cheerfully but also formally.

I dont know how she does that.

"Hello! My name is Hannah Arias! I have to haunt Sweetie for her entire life! I want to talk to you about the Rodeo or whatever." I say.

"Okay! What about it?" She asks.

"Well I was wondering if-" I am cut short.

I fade away.

I can explain why.

Sweetie had a night terror.

Which woke her up.

And if youve been keeping up with my entries, you will know I can only appear when Sweetie is asleep.

So I had to fade away.

I wasnt able to ask her my question then.

But I can now.

@Ms. Hazeltine,

May I participate in the Rodeo?

Ms. Hazeltine
- 8/22/2021 10:21pm

Oh yes Hannah, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Even if you have no experience whatsoever, I'm sure it would be perfectly safe for you to take part in the Psychic Rodeo. You don't mind being roped, do you?

In fact, you should attend the Ghost Hoedown this Thursday, which is a little soiree the ghosts put on the night before the rodeo starts. It would be a great way for you to get to know the other ghosts and wailers. If you bring @Sweetie2 by the Intensity Learning Lab in the Psychic Resource Center earlier that evening, we can hook her up to some of the school's old mandatory education tapes and I'm sure she'll sleep deeply the whole night through.

Meanwhile, the Psychic Fair and Rodeo is open for business! The carnival midway opens each night this week and through the weekend at dusk. All rides free for students and associated others. If you observe any residents of the town slipping in, please practice Level 5 Outsider Isolation Protocols, and let your RA know.

During the day, be sure to visit the exhibition halls to see the Psyhigh 4-H club's entries in the mythic animal husbandry competition, as well as memory quilting, poisonous jam and pie contest, and mental hay and fencing division I. We'll be competing against paranormal schools district-wide, so be sure to come and show your Psyhigh Spirit!


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Heavenly Betsy
- 8/25/2021 10:54pm

Well I'll have to let @Deadra Horsley know they've got her stretched out soda bottles down at the carnival. I figured I'd visit the midway to test my myself at their games of skill and accuracy, but confound it they're a lot harder than they look! Those soda pop bottles kept weaving and bobbing, and their heads kept expanding and my ring kept bouncing off! I wasn't any better basketball hoop throw, on account of the balls multiplying and knocking each other around.

And to top it off, I kept getting attacked by crows! I had a veggie dog raised to my lips and one crow swooped down and took it right out of my hand. Then I had a bag of popcorn and another crow swooped down and made off with the whole bag. Then I had a stick of cotton candy in one hand and a cup of cola in the other and two crows swooped down and took them both.

If I'd had my lasso there and then I'd of showed those crows. But I've got to be careful to keep my roping arm in shape for the rodeo this weekend.

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