Heavenly Betsy

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Psychic Fair and Rodeo 2021
8/28/2021 11:23pm

Taking first place in the Banshee Roping at the Psychic Fair and Rodeo has been one of the greatest honors of my life, and I'd like to acknowledge the stiff competition from Nightmare High and Pecos Bill Elementary. I'd be proud to rope ghosts at your side any time, partners.

I think it's also time that I come clean with you all. While you've all been mighty gracious accepting me into this school, as well as this psychic rodeo, it wasn't so long ago I went by a different name around these parts. And that name was @Lasso Larry.

See, I spent a long while lost in those Worm Gardens, and during that time I got to learn a lot about myself, and it was during that journey that I discovered that I'd just be a lot more comfortable being @Heavenly Betsy. So I headed to the psychic ladies' western wear shop and picked out a whole new me! I've never felt so free at being myself before, and taking first place in the Banshee Roping has been just the icing on top of a beautiful cake.

And so, as I cut into this beautiful 5 story rodeo cake (kindly supplied by our friends at the Brain Freeze ice cream and bake shop in the city), I'd like to dedicate this first slice to---

Well what in tarnation will you look at that! It's those darn CROWS! The sky is black with 'em! Everybody take cover underneath the bleachers!!!!

Psychic Fair and Rodeo 2021
8/25/2021 10:54pm

Well I'll have to let @Deadra Horsley know they've got her stretched out soda bottles down at the carnival. I figured I'd visit the midway to test my myself at their games of skill and accuracy, but confound it they're a lot harder than they look! Those soda pop bottles kept weaving and bobbing, and their heads kept expanding and my ring kept bouncing off! I wasn't any better basketball hoop throw, on account of the balls multiplying and knocking each other around.

And to top it off, I kept getting attacked by crows! I had a veggie dog raised to my lips and one crow swooped down and took it right out of my hand. Then I had a bag of popcorn and another crow swooped down and made off with the whole bag. Then I had a stick of cotton candy in one hand and a cup of cola in the other and two crows swooped down and took them both.

If I'd had my lasso there and then I'd of showed those crows. But I've got to be careful to keep my roping arm in shape for the rodeo this weekend.

Psychic Fair and Rodeo 2021
8/15/2021 10:40pm

With all the screeching and racket down near the fair grounds, I had to go down and see what it was all about. Almost got hit in the head by a flying door!

Of course I brought my lasso, so I ended up making a fun night of it lassoing flying carnival props, like tent poles and popcorn carts and even a merry-go-round horse. Got in a tug-o-war with one of these ghost carnies, and as I had no right to be stealing their best material, gave it all back. It was then I offered to lend a hand.

It was the ghost carnies that suggested I enter banshee roping at the Psychic Rodeo, and that's a thing I think I'll do. But I promised to come back again tomorrow night and help them raise the ferris wheel.