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mia marquez
- 1/25/2019 8:54am

Hey guys, I'm a new student at Psyhigh coolio :D

- 1/28/2019 2:06pm

Hi! I'm a new student too. What made you want to enrol?

Hana Song
- 1/29/2019 9:20pm

Dear New students
Let me congratulate you on coming here to Psy High! On behalf of everyone here we are exitcited to see your powers grow. No matter what it is. I'm Hana And I can help you from finding your classes in the deepest reaches of the school to fighting off your literal inner demons.Once again if you need help find me or the nearest A.N.G.E.L member in your quadrent. I wish you a good year!

Your New Friend
-Hana Song

The Demogorgon
- 9/24/2019 9:20pm

Hi, Hana Song. I'm glad you mentioned that. I've been struggling after my first day here and was wondering who I could talk to about it.

The matter is somewhat private but I don't mind giving a few more details if need be.


Arabella Satirn
- 9/25/2019 9:17am

Hello.. my name Is Arabella. I'm fairly new here.. And In all honesty a bIt flustered by all thIs school has to offer. It's a web of optIons and passageways and It's becomIng overwhelmIng very quIckly. Could someone please help me fInd my way around better? It would be greatly apprecIated, I'm not the best at makIng frIends. (:

The Demogorgon
- 9/25/2019 5:07pm

Well just a bit of advice, Arabella. Don't try to eat anyone if you don't want to be criticized by everyone in the school.

Arabella Satirn
- 9/25/2019 6:11pm

DId you learn that from personal experIence?

Hana Song
- 9/28/2019 11:05pm

@arabella Sorry for the delay there should be teleporters in the main hall. The main hall is the one with all the decorations lined about for this year's fall festival. there is also a map station in most halls or you can receive one in your introductory email. The old fashioned method is to simply walk and have a paper copy would help as well.

Your guide

-Hana Song

Arabella Satirn
- 9/30/2019 5:16am

Thank you kIndly Hana! I have pIcked up a map and my fIrst few days have went by seamlessly! You'd thInk with all these eyes I'd have an easIer tIme navIgatIng..

Jacob Cassius
- 9/16/2021 8:46am

@The Demogorgon

wait, you're being criticized because you tried to eat someone? that's not exactly fair. I mean, I ALMOST burned down a classroom and no one cares, but you try to eat someone and suddenly people think you're a bad guy? no, that's not right.
Wanna be friends? I'll keep people from bothering you and I'll find people for you to eat if ya want

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