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New Students Enrolled
1/20/2022 10:29am

@Jacob Cassius

i see that you and your new friend are having...... troubles. would you both come talk to me after combat training today and i can help you settle your aggression with a more peaceful approach? maybe some shooting range after?

my room is room 562 (3rd floor)


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1/20/2022 10:24am

hello everyone i am sorry to inform you but combat and survival training will be moved 2 hours from now because of what happened yesterday but remember that i am here if you need to study or just want to have fun or learn after class

once again my apologies
-mr foxx

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barely surviving
1/20/2022 10:16am

day 6 10:45
i have the bomb and i have my gun loaded i am going to approach one of them i will type what i say and what they say

i pointed my gun at one of them "w-w-who are you?" i said shaky "fox its ok put the gun down we are not here to hurt you" a person said in a dark hood. i aimed my gun at them and everyone else aimed their guns at me "who-who are you?" "we are with the-" i cut him off "yea yea i know psychic high school i saw a vision or something like that when you landed" "thats why we want you you are one of us you came here as an error in our life and we want you to come with us" "to where your murder camp" i asked putting my finger on the trigger "i get it fox your scared you never have seen actual people before and if you come with us you can have that" she said completely calm. i put my gun down and pulled out a lighter and i showed them bomb "if you do anything i will blow this and everyone with it" i said "ok you can keep that with you just put the gun down and come with us" they said.

i stepped down and got knocked out

i woke up with the bomb on a counter right by me "y-you didnt take it why" i asked "because we keep our promises fox now time for the real question do you want to teach survival and combat training to our upcoming solders" they asked

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barely surviving
1/20/2022 9:47am

day 4 21:16
I KILLED IT HOLY WOW I KILLED IT i threw the bomb and i killed it when the thing start getting loud it stuck to the monster just like how i made it and i made it die like it just dropped to the floor

day 5 10:28 it was not a monster but a robot i think sent to destroy me but now thats its gone i have a bigger problem i can somehow see something that isnt shadows are after me they look like theyre from this place called psychic high school or phs short but they also have guns i dont think that these people are friendly

day 5 : 13:21
i saw them i want to talk to them because i havent ever talked to anyone ever in my life but what if they shoot at me

day 6 8:18
i think that if i find more ammo i can take out the powder and put rope in it and light it and i think it would blow it up and possibly blow the people up or scare them away if they are dangerous

barely surviving
1/20/2022 9:24am

day 3 1:21
i shot at it but i think that 5.56 bullets work but i scared it off from the loud noise that the gun used

day 3: 13:37
i slept good last night and i was thinking if the moster if afraid of noise i could use one of those things that many people call cars as traps for it if it gets too close

day 3 14:27
since my last writing i have took out this noise making device from many cars and i will
try and make things out of it

day 4 4:35
i stayed up all night making a bomb that i can throw on the monster and scare him away

day 4 21: its here i'm going to try this out

barely surviving
1/20/2022 7:50am

day 1
ok let me start from the beginning i came into this world when i was 14 and i never aged and ive been getting chased by this thing that isnt the shadows beccause ive felt it after i ended the last entry

day 2
i haven't heard the monster for a day and i think it would be a good idea to go out for food

day 2 15:37
i have decided to go looking for food after i lost all my ammo in my m4a1 running away from it

day 2 18:15
i have gotten a new weapon from my favorite place to scavenge wallstore

day 3 0:00

it followed me

barely surviving
1/19/2022 12:07pm

people arnt real you see them but when i see them they just arnt there their shadows i i i i think im alone in this world maybe were all in different worlds just connected by one big thing the internet because ive seen people in new York with this big statue and i guess its popular but anyway back to what i was saying people arnt real and the people that you see are fake but they are just very realistic i dont know why or how we got here but i think sometime when we got onto this place we all just blacked out and made everything and i guess people also have different histories like some people have wars that i guess they fought in like world war 2 and world war 1 but in my history no one was ever said and how could we make this up

oh no their back i have to go ill post another entry soon to all of you shadows