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Gerald Foy
- 10/27/2016 12:33pm

Wow, that's very nice of you, @A.R.! Let's do it! Come on down to the exhibit and there's some paperwork you will need to fill out, and then it's super easy. They've got a chair and all the equipment they need. These days it's not any more painful or difficult than getting a piercing or a tattoo. And I'll get my jar picked up and ready for a guest head.

@Phoebe has been kind of sullen, though, and hasn't said much for the past few days. She just stares at the little window we can see from our shelf. Sometimes it takes people a little while to adjust to being a head in a jar and they get despondent. But I keep telling her the best way to get somebody to want your head is to be cheerful and optimistic, like me! But sometimes it does feel like you're in an orphanage waiting to get adopted by Daddy Warbucks or something.

Gerald Foy
- 10/29/2016 1:30pm

Well, the operation was a success, and I feel like a million bucks! What a feeling to have arms and legs again, to move my head wherever I want to take it! What freedom!

Frankly, @A.R.'s body isn't in the best shape, but who am I to be picky? It's kind of a fixer upper. I feel like going to a gym. I'm still a little clumsy though. It's like wearing someone else's clothes and they don't quite fit. Haven't figured out how long my arms and legs really are, so I'm taking it slow. There's a manual they give you whenever you get a transplanted to a new body with some exercises in it that you're supposed to do. Hand-eye stuff, cross-toe touches. But I was so excited I ran right out into the field with the wind rushing in my ears and stumbled over a mole hill and landed face first in the muddy grass. But it felt so good I didn't care! Yippee!!!

I hope @A.R. is finding my jar as interesting.


@Gerald Foy

- 11/1/2016 7:45pm

Has anybody seen my body?

@Gerald Foy hasn't returned since the dance. He was supposed to show up this afternoon for re/un-transplanting, but he never made it. I hope nothing bad has happened to him. And my body. But you know what? I haven't really missed it. Sitting here in my jar, perfectly suspended in the oxygenated jelly, the lights of the campus coming in through the window... it's serene, really.

And I have to admit I've been enjoying the company--or the proximity, at least--of @Phoebe. She hasn't said a thing since I've been here, she just leans her forehead languidly against the glass and stares off into space. Such a reflective mind, behind glass, always there for me when I turn to her. And quiet. Doesn't ask for a thing from me.

I think I could get to like it here.

- 11/1/2016 10:33pm

I'm still really disoriented and dizzy all the time without a body. I've been trapped in this jar for days now and I can't seem to get my head around (get it?) what is happening. @Gerald Foy and @A.R. Seem nice, I guess. It's not like I can't hear them talking to me, and about me, though. I just find it hard to reply and can't seem to move my head to do so.

I've also decided to take @Gerald Foy 's advice and look more presentable to increase my chances of getting a body. So for the first time in days, I blinked and attempted a smile. It wasn't my most attractive smile ever, but it was a start. Hopefully I'll be able to turn my head soon.

Big Jim
- 11/3/2016 1:41pm

Heads Will Roll!

We've really enjoyed having the Human Head Transplant Series visit us on campus. But we always knew it was a temporary stop. Now, it's time for them to move on.

So, you have till this weekend to pay a visit to the heads! On Saturday they'll be packing up those noggins and loading them back into the truck. Then, they head down the road to their next venue.

Because they've enjoyed being on campus as much as we've enjoyed having them, the Human Head Transplant Series is offering HALF OFF on all transplants until they leave! Truly, an astounding value. And, did you know it's covered by Psyhigh's student insurance plan?*

Even if you're not ready to "make the cut," it's still an eye-opening experience to meet the heads and find out about life from "inside the jar." We've enjoyed getting to know Clarissa, JoJo, Kyle, Samantha, India, Bryce, @Phoebe, Kyla, Reg, Potatoman, and all the others. We also had a great time dancing with @Gerald Foy at the Halloween dance, and hope he returns his loaner body to @A.R. very soon.

Come on down to the gallery and meet these heads before they take off!


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

* please check your policy for individual deductible and co-pay rates.

Gerald Foy
- 11/6/2016 2:47pm

Hey what happened to the heads?

I've been training hard for the Psy-Triathlon. I figured I'd surprise @A.R. by returning his body in a condition better than I found it. It seemed like the best way to repay him for letting me take it to the dance.

But now I get back to the gallery and it's empty! Just some scraps of paper blowing in the wind. I wonder where they went?

I hope @A.R. isn't angry. And I just know everything will work out for @Pheobe eventually. What I won't miss are Potatoman's lame jokes. That's one of the biggest drawbacks about shelf-partners you don't get along with.

I know! What if I use my new found Triathlon powers and just run, swim, and bike from town to town, searching out The Human Head Transplant Series forever? I'll always be one step behind, but discover some small clue to get me to their next stop, where I'll arrive a day too late, but having meaningful adventures as I seek out the next clue. Yes that sounds great. Wish me luck!

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