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Dimension Hopping
10/28/2017 5:22pm

Good luck! @Shoshi
I hope you can make it back!
I'd hate to be trapped here if there were somewhere else to go...

Might I ask, what is this ritual?

Does it involve a toad? I've done quite a few rituals with toads in my old coven! Some I wish I could forget...

Dimension Hopping
10/27/2017 10:07pm

As I was researching the certain skill vendor that I had bought my supposedly possessed candle skull, I stumbled across @Shoshi.

Turns out their from another dimension! I guess reality's framework hasn't been too sturdy latley. I'm sure there's some department on campus I can complain to about that...

But I am wondering how exactly they got here and if they can get back.

I'm not really sure what dimension ID I'm in now, but I can guess dimension 145045 is at least a teeny tiny bit far away.

10/26/2017 7:05pm

Are there any other witches here at Psy High? I'm a first year and I'm well, overwhelmed! Psychic Highschool is such a great place and full of so many oppertuinies, unlike my old coven schooling...

But it seems not many other students have the same err... skill set as me!
I also noticed the school didn't have an official cult or coven yet and I think that should be a feature at all learning facilities.

So far I'm quite impressed with the school, but it seems to be quite accident prone. So that's one way I could fit in...

Hoping to hear from some others in the art of witchcraft!


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10/26/2017 4:03pm

Excorcist Wanted:

Needs to be able to
•Communicate with spirits
•Examine Objects
•Has a flexible schedule
•previous experience

Time: Anytime works but preferably 12:00 Am or 3:00 Am

Where: Eastern secret passage room accessed through main campus Library

Info: I decided to buy a souvenir from a thought circus I recently attended. It's a medium sized skull with candle inside. I'm quite afraid it's possessed as I hear it speak sometimes and the light gives odd shadows around 11:00-3:30 every night.

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