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The Biz Kids
1/4/2018 9:48pm

Spent the day creating autonomous fintech. When you add the ϗ at the end of the script it becomes sentient. That means giving it rights, and Wanda, our HR person, knows the system. We should probably change the name of our HR department to Entity Resources.

Even making the little buggers work off an indenturement contract seems wrong. I know it's common practice, but just because I create you, does it mean you owe me half your earnings for 12 months? Doesn't seem like a foundation for trust.

So we wind them up and let them out into the economy, allowing them to utilize 100% of their earnings. They make their own way--we just provide direction and advice.

Maybe someday they'll return the favor.

The Biz Kids
12/5/2017 1:23pm

I met with a few of my colleagues today for lunch. We've put together a small LLC (THE BIZ KIDS LLC -- named by me), and purchased a penthouse in a large international mega-city (which will remain unnamed for privacy reasons), and it's there we take our catered lunches. It's got beautiful floor to ceiling windows all around, Eames work chairs from Herman Miller, and a large antique conference table from another organization we recently acquired (specifically to get their conference table--it's a real beauty).

We teleport in from schools all around the globe, and have our catered lunch teleported in too. Today it's steaming dim sum from Hong Kong. The servers are used to the drill, and don't bat an eye as they push their carts through their teleportation portals.

"Attention, everyone!" I tap a fork on a water glass. "Today, we begin planning our hostile takeover of The Empire of Gravity. Who would like to go first?"

12/1/2017 2:02pm

There aren’t enough useful courses for serious business-minded students at Psyhigh. I transferred too late to get into Upward Mobility and the Modern Worker, and a Reality Modeling internship isn’t for me. I am currently working on filming my vision analysis for Predictive Strategies in Late-stage Capitalism, which is a good class, and Ms. Sybil is a great teacher for Oracular Accounting Methods 301, but unless I can find more specialized psychic educational opportunities in my chosen field I will need to transfer to another school, like Psychick Youth Business Academy.

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