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The Biz Kids
1/15/2018 9:22am

Oh, so no " I dreamed I had to take a test in a Dairy Queen on another planet?" Or "there were seven white swans on my roof and they yelled at me when I tried to go inside and then chased me into a supermarket where I met Taylor Swift?" I'm sure they're in there, @Sophie Louise! Maybe your dream cycles are just buried or calcified by the mind control corporations, poor thing. But DON'T WORRY! You are exactly the kind of person who will benefit once we liberate all that dream potential from the commercial aggregators.

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The Biz Kids
1/12/2018 11:49pm

The opportunities working with the Biz Kids are tremendous. They're a Psy-combinator, and the level of access you get to Executive Function is unreal.

For instance, to leverage my Dream Machine, I'm now able to draw on exabytes of unused mental processing cycles. Apparently they're collected by all the big mind control corporations, just sitting there unused because they still don't have the talent to tap them. So they're opening up the sleep gates to me and letting me pull as many cycles as I can use.

Naturally, it could be pretty sketchy using the brain resources gained by these giant monopolies, since they're essentially stolen directly from the sentient population, but I've read all the terms and negotiated language that I'm confident is solid enough to retain total control of the IP (Imaginary Property), which I will return 10x to all the people these cycles were stolen from in the first place. It'll be pretty jarring for them when they get their checks, and wake up and look around, but they'll also be free.

The Biz Kids
12/12/2017 11:10pm

I do my best work outside of the board room. I like to get out there and meet the hardworking people, really get into their heads, and find out what they're thinking. I walk right into people's dreams, just like I'm industry. Which I am.

What I find is that a lot of people's dreams are messed up. Spooked. There I am, up on the catwalks or off in the wings, watching their odd little dreams unfold, and there's something sinister at the edges. It gives me chills and smells like brimstone.

What if I could make that sinister feeling go away, just a little? What if I could go about, banging pots and pans and saying "Begone, sinister symbols! Begone, depravity!" and it would be gone?

And what if I could do it at scale, reaching millions of people every night?

That's why I came to talk to @The Biz Kid about funding opportunities.