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Here, There, Everywhere, and Us
11/19/2021 3:10pm

My disconnected brain bits have gotten antsy, what, being bed bound. You know, with the concussion they caused.

Yes, you caused it.

Anyway, they’ve been throwing themselves all over the multiverse for a little entertainment. That means that if I move the wrong way, sneeze hard, breathe funny, or blink for too long, our concisenessess switch out, and I’m in whatever scenario they got their projected body into.

Since the nurse won’t let me go back to class until tomorrow, I’m going to start logging my visits to make up for the work I’ll inevitably miss.

1. 7:38 A.M. - 8:18 A.M
I’d just woken up. I couldn’t even get a look at the time before I was gone.
My occipital lobe was the one who told me it was around seven. That
must have been who I switched out with.
The area itself wasn’t that bad. I was flying rather quickly through the
shopping district of what looked to be a snowy little town in some
mountain somewhere. There were lanterns strung up, like the
inhabitants were celebrating a holiday. The lights were of many colors.
The only thing that told me it wasn’t our world was the townsfolk
themselves. They had no hair, and their eyes were made entirely of whites.
Other than that, it was a pleasant visit, other than the fact I was freezing.
I was grateful when I came back.

2. 12:00 P.M. - 12:12 P.M.
No idea who or what caused this shift. I was focusing on communicating
with an other-dimensional entity that wandered into the nurses office, and
suddenly I was on my back on the plush ground of the woods. The air had
that sick, sweet, aged smell of rot. I just kinda…closed my eyes. I had
to have been laying there for a while, feeling the sun on my face, before
I decided it was time to see where I actually was. No matter what direction
I looked in, there was nothing but clear forest. I chose a direction, and I
walked. The sun rose six times and set seven. I was still walking, no
sign of life other than the trees. I’m still having a hard time believing I was
there for only a few minutes.

I fell asleep after that. The nurse gave the body some medicine for pain while I was gone, and it must have been what made me so drowsy. There was only one more projection, after that. Well, at least as I’m writing this. I just came back not long ago, actually

3. 1:01 P.M. - 1:32 P.M.
This universe was…well…it felt normal. I came to in Psyhigh, like I never
astral projected at all. The only difference I could notice was that there was
a loud, buzzing noise played over the intercom every ten minutes. Every.
Ten. Minutes. Nobody seemed to notice, much less care. But me?? It drove
me insane! Whatever part of my brain that was hanging out there…hell, I
can’t image why. The crazy thing was, though, every time the noise
played, a student disappeared. I didn’t notice it at first, after all there’s a
lot of students in Psyhigh, but eventually I was able to see it happen. A
girl next to me just…fell out of existence right in the middle of a lecture
on famous mind readers throughout history. In the hallway, a clone boy,
no idea which one, just didn’t exist mid step. Every single time, nobody
acted like they noticed, or even cared! I have no idea what the noise was,
or why it made kids disappear, or even why nobody seemed to care, but
when I was one of the few kids leaving at the end of the day, I could only
think about how glad I was I didn’t have to find out.

Look, I get that it sucks. I can’t imagine how it is being a brain that’s in a body it can’t move, but you guys can’t keep going into random universes just so you can be independent again! I’m not an astral projector, or whatever you call someone who does all that. The migraines it gives me are insane!

….Yes, Cerebellum. Even when it’s not because of a physical concussion.

No, it still sucks just as bad.

You’re a brain! You should know how bad headaches are!

Whatever, I’ve got to get back to work. I’ve got actual psychic abilities I CAN do without feeling like I just got kicked in the face by the whole soccer team.

Look, we’re not getting out of this situation any time soon. You’re all still a part of my body, and that’s not going to change. We’ll get used to this eventually.


P. C. Benzene

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Here, There, Everywhere, and Us
11/18/2021 10:10am

Unwanted astral projection and me

After the reality incident a while back, my brain got split pretty bad. The school nurse was able to put a few back together, but for the most part, I’ve just had to get used to having twenty-seven internal dialogues instead of one. I don’t mind it much, especially when I need a little extra help on tests, but lately they’ve gotten a bit more stir crazy than usual.

Imagine this. You’re walking to Interdimentional Study 101, and suddenly, instead of in the hallway, you’re walking in a forest. A pretty normal forest, except the ground is black and the sky is red. It’s also inhabited by people without muscles. That’s right, just skin wrapped around some bones and guts.

Turns out, while *I* was in an alternate dimension where what we know as Earth ended up being on Mars instead, my body froze in the middle of one of the busiest halls in school.

The voice that used to be my temporal lobe was the one messing around on Mars-Earth, but once we switched, it was right back there with the others.

So that’s how I ended up here in the nurses' office with a broken nose.

Turns out, none of the other voices have gotten a hold of moving the body yet. Instead of walking to class, my body ended up falling on its face and just lying like that until I came back a day and a half later, in real time.

Fast forward and I’m here. Broken nose, broken face, and extra credit to make up for my mixed classes.


I don't do astral projection; that’s not my thing. For Reality's sake, I'm more of a medium. I catch glimpses of what is going on in our other realities, but I’m not meant to actually be there!

Unfortunately for me, the others just don’t get that. Somehow, *they* can astral project by choice. The issue is, we’re still all in the same head. One bad bump, and we switch! It’s all fine and dandy for a little bit of what-used-to-be-me to go out, but the me that’s STILL me?? No sir! I’m done with it!

Sure enough, Mr. Ex Temporal Lobe is still complaining. I’m not whining, you’re whining!

Yes, it *is* your fault. You KNOW you’re not supposed to-

I don’t care if the others do it! This time it was your party I dropped in on, so you’re the one I’m mad at.

Whatever. You’re part of a brain. I’m the whole thing. Or, I was. What do you know??!

Anyway, I’ve got more important things to do than argue with a bunch of brain bits.

P. C. Benzene