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New Student Committee
6/27/2022 10:11pm

I barely escaped with my life. 

Quite obviously done up for human sacrifice, members of the New Student Committee marched directly into their doom today. They were resplendent in their finery, and took on the nature of noble ambassadors. Or sheep. 

Well, everyone but @Terra Diggs. And @Hoot Owling. And @Journey Searches, but they were always too shy to drink the kool aid of the Bee Cult. None of them made it to witness this macabre and horrifying ritual.

As the students marched in rows down the oozing, beeswax halls, the hive took on a new buzz... something so hideous and abnormal as to be physically appalling. Was I the only one to understand its accursed malevolence??

Dripping golden curtains parted, and we entered the Chamber of the Queen. 

“BZZZZZZZZZZZ” she buzzed. 

Her mandibles clicked as she stared at us through soulless, multifaceted eyes. 

My skin crawled.

The students began their dance, gracefully cutting a figure eight across the honeycombs, waggling all the while, until each one landed on their destined hex. 

At which time the very royal jelly that formed the substrate of those evil cells reached up and pulled each student down into their sweet cavities and swallowed each and every one of them whole. 

Glub glub glub

It was then that I made my break, sprinting back through the syrupy curtain, through the long tunnels of the hive, and back into the library of the New Student Lounge, where I smashed the bookshelf in with a hatstand and wedged it shut!

Of all the many schools in all the many realities I’ve made it my hobby to explore as a new student, I will tell you with complete honesty that this is certainly one of the closest scrapes I ever gotten out of!

This is study was funded in part by through a stipend from my trans-reality ethnography sponsor, Venus Sands Real Estate. 

New Student Committee
6/11/2022 11:32pm

If this initiation dance is anything like at the other schools I’ve visited through the intersectional reality rifts that pass through my hometown on Venus Sands, @Terra Diggs, then it’s bound to be some kind of set up involving human sacrifice. They pick a “queen” and there’s a dance and a feast and when it’s all over there’s a bonfire or something and nobody ever sees the “queen” again. Like the Straw Baby of Hektar, or the Grand Oyster of Memik-Bob, or that business with the giant eels on Moosemorf.

Pretty standard in primate dominant hybrid realities like this one. I’m sure it will be very exciting, as well as an excellent subject for my trans-reality ethnography paper!

New Student Committee
6/2/2022 7:04pm

I would be honored to join your New Student Committee, @ Journey Searches. I have a great deal of experience as a new student, as I end up sampling many of the drifting intersectional reality rifts that pass through my hometown on Venus Sands.

5/20/2022 11:36pm

I’m grateful to be able to attend Psychic High School. It is an amazing sensorium! One of the most authentic I have tried.

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