Hoot Owling

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New Student Committee
6/9/2022 9:52pm

One thing I know how to do is ride a twig.

Not just any old twig! You gotta find the right one. Like dowsing.

You stick that twig between your legs and you’re off!

So I was up in the air, flying on my twig, taking a little looksie down over the newly renovated New Student Lounge building and its environs.

The campus landscaping seems a bit overgrown when you’re on the ground, but from above you get a sense for the original design.

The whole place is designed on a giant hexagram, which has smaller hexagrams inside it, and so on.

But if you connect the dots on all the hexagrams then you see it’s all hexagons! A fractal honeycomb!

No wonder it’s so confusing to walk around camps. From now on I’m stickin’ to my twig.

New Student Committee
6/4/2022 9:29pm

I’d like to join the New Student Committee too.

I just flew in from Animist High, and boy are my arms tired!