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Journey Searches
- 5/25/2022 11:38pm

Dear Person (hopefully),
so, sorry if I sound off at times, I’m a little new to journal entries. Especially public ones. I’ve never really been one for spilling my heart out to strangers, but I need the extra credit so here we are.
Today was quite unusual, which I have found to be the usual here. I find myself seeing things differently the longer I’m here. The strange isn’t as strange anymore and the usual seems unusual. It’s like all those really random shower thoughts you have like “what if frogs were huge?” come into fruition. In some cases I’m amazed at this place, but in others… I’m scared.
I saw someone’s aura today. I found that peculiar but also- not. I thought this must be a good thing, this new found ability of mine, so I told them. I said it was rather square. They thanked me, though they had an odd look in their eyes. Maybe that was the wrong thing to say. I’m still trying to get used to this school. Other than that, there’s a sticky hand that seems to be permanently stuck to my ceiling. And I think it’s watching me.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 5/29/2022 9:56pm

With all the new students on campus it's time to reinstate our New Student Committee, who will be taking time to learn about the school and plan the New Student Dance and Summer Term Bee Invocation Ritual at the end of June!

The New Student Lounge has been reopened and fumigated, leaving it almost 100% free of ghosts and debris. It's the ramshackle carriage house behind the library. Key is under the mat!

We look forward to this year's New Student Dance and finding out what these new students are made of.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Journey Searches
- 5/31/2022 12:41pm

Just realizing I connected my first post to the New Student Committee… that’s embarrassing… did not mean to do that. And I also don’t know how to take it off sooo… My sincerest apologies @Ms. Hazeltine for messing up your story tag. I’m definitely not the most tech savvy person…

Ms. Hazeltine
- 6/1/2022 11:16pm

Not an accident at all, @Journey Searches. In fact, here at Psychic High School we learn there is no such thing! Well, except when I knocked over my coffee on my computer this morning, but I was being distracted by that dashing @Seketus Reed!

In any case, @Journey Searches, we are thrilled that you have volunteered for New Student Committee, and hope that you will recruit your friends! Like that square aura student, or the amnesiacs. They're great to have on committees.

Thanks again for devoting yourselves to the life of the school. Those bees won't dance themselves!


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Novs Hunsmu
- 6/2/2022 7:04pm

I would be honored to join your New Student Committee, @ Journey Searches. I have a great deal of experience as a new student, as I end up sampling many of the drifting intersectional reality rifts that pass through my hometown on Venus Sands.

Hoot Owling
- 6/4/2022 9:29pm

I’d like to join the New Student Committee too.

I just flew in from Animist High, and boy are my arms tired!

Olivia Ruiz
- 6/5/2022 10:38pm

I found the run down old building behind the library that's supposed to be the New Student Lounge. It is a dusty mess inside. And it looks like older students have been using it as a party house. It's got big old dusty comfy chairs and empty bottles and ashtrays and stuff on the tables.

And books. Lots and lots of books. Books about bees. And beekeeping.

Who's on New Student Cleaning Committee? I am not cleaning this place up all by myself.

Terra Diggs
- 6/7/2022 2:46pm

The New Student Committee is still excepting members, right?
I'd be happy to help clean out the old New Student Lounge! Maybe we could hold board game nights or something in there when it's done!

Olivia Ruiz
- 6/7/2022 10:44pm

Wow that @Terra Diggs sure can clean! Where do people learn that skill? From their parents? We had cleaning ladies so I never had to do it. (Frankly, I find that people with square auras tend to be very thorough. And a feeling for non-euclidean geometry is really good for getting BEYOND the nooks and crannies.)

So we got it all clean and had our housewarming tonight an everybody showed up, including @Journey Searches, @Novs Hunsmu, @Hoot Owling, and all the rest. Terra found a bunch of games in the cupboard, like Honeycomb, Hive Keeper, Matriarchy, Buzzbuzz, Stinger, and a bunch of other hex-based games. We ended up just playing Sixes.

Anyway, our first official meeting was a big success, but I still have no idea what a "Bee Invocation Dance" is. In fact, I hardly see any bees at Psyhigh...

Terra Diggs
- 6/8/2022 9:22pm

Guessing by the name alone it'll probably summon or invoke the essence of bees, right?
I'm not really sure where we'd find instructions for a dance that does that sort of thing but I have some spare time and I could leaf through some of the beekeeping book hoard on the off chance it's in there. If anyone else has any idea on how to learn the dance I'm all ears.
Anyhow, it was really fun getting to know all of you on our little board game night and I'm excited to see what we can do next!
(P.S. @Olivia Ruiz Thank you so much! I learned how to clean when I worked at a retirement home for old race horses but I think usually people learn that sort of thing from their parents)

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