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Giant Frogs, School PSA
5/15/2022 2:04pm

I’ll be selling invisible bugs from my invisible bug stand at @Rosalie Thornton’s Giant Frog Hoedown and Rodeo all this week.

Come get a cone! Come get a basket!

After snacking on them for almost a month, I’ve never felt better. More energy, more focus, and my leaping ability has increased exponentially.

The only thing you’ve got to be careful of is to get them all in your mouth. If some spill out and get on your table or your shirt they tend to attract invisible spiders, and that is a nuisance let me tell you!

So come on down to lower campus and grab a handful of invisible bugs to munch on while you enjoy all the events at @Rosalie Thornton’s Giant Frog Hoedown and Rodeo. Along with the wild saddle-frog riding event, there’ll be a Giant Frog Pleasure Class, Giant Frog Barrel Racing, Grant Frog Steeplechase, and a petting zoo for your folks.

Can’t wait to see you there! Just follow the sound of the silent crickets to my invisible bug cart and get yourself a free sample. Open at six every night this week.

Giant Frogs, School PSA
4/13/2022 11:17pm

I’m an introverted chlorokinetic senior and rarely post, but have you noticed how lower campus as become overrun by Saturnailian Hedgeplant? The same kind that fell out of @Lou E. Jakal's window.

And can you guess what kind of bugs love Saturnailian Hedgeplant? That's right -- invisible ones! The same kind plaguing @ebenezer.

And what happens when frogs eat invisible bugs? I am going to find out tonight by eating all the invisible bugs I can.