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4/5/2022 7:47am

Omg! I got a Spirit Badge? This is bonkers!

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3/17/2022 9:40am

Stumbled into that new kid, valdis, today. They don’t seem to believe that they’re here? It’s fascinating, really. How does one not see all of this around them? Sometimes they don’t answer anyone, like they’re in a different world. Are there different worlds than this one? I hope so, it would make me feel better knowing that there are more people than just us, and the others, and the other others, and the other other others and so on.

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3/11/2022 9:53am

Behold! My roommate has been replaced! I don’t know what happened with her and that wormhole she was supposedly dating (as if! It’s way out of her league) but now I have a new roommate, which is somehow worse! If it isn’t Luciecel, that incipient cruel gahstred who killed my beloved plant. The powers that be definitely have a terrible sense of humor, and I should know, one is my mom.

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3/8/2022 9:48am

Now that it’s passing break, I’d figure I’d air some dirty laundry. I’m the one who put the bees under the toilet seat in the girls’ bathroom. I meant for them to get one person (my ex-friend Luciecel, she deserves it!) but unfortunately I didn’t convince them into following my plan. What lame henchmen! But Luciecel, if you see this, know you are not forgiven. No one pushes my Saturnailian Hedgeplant out of my window and lives to tell the tale. What sort of prank was that? A dumb one, for sure.

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3/8/2022 9:30am

I have finally made an account, after what feels like months avoiding it (and avoiding the nearly-threatening reminders on my dorm wall to create one) and honestly? Not too shabby. Just still want to know where the notes are coming from. My roommate is a bore these days, and perhaps she was putting them up? However, I don’t know how she could do that, because those feathers seem to make holding things difficult.

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