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Giant Frogs, School PSA
5/21/2022 11:24pm

The frog fair has been on edge since the frogs left for their Croak Quorum. It’s very loud.  The nurse’s office is providing earplugs for students who can’t sleep. 

“More bugs?” asks @Mina Doughbreath.

“What?? I can't hear you over the frogs!”



But the fair goes on, with new food carts selling unrecognizable but strangely aromatic delights, wrapped in ferns, squirming. 

And new players -- mummers? Mimes on the midway! Performing peculiar acts in hideous masks, epic tales of an inscrutable nature.

I've won a handful of leaves in a ring toss game. What can I trade them for?

Giant Frogs, School PSA
5/2/2022 8:31pm

The giant frogs have gotten so much bigger. Sitting at a safe distance under the GAZEBO, I watched one open up wide and you could fit a whole kid in there now. Also, what a croak!

How do you get out of one, if you do get swallowed? We still don’t know. I propose that @dirtpicnic submit themselves for swallowing and discover the method. Perhaps it will aid in their Ascension Ritual?

4/10/2022 8:22pm

Today I saw a kid get engulfed by a giant raindrop. Then it rolled across the flagstones and plopped into the reflecting pool. I looked down into the murk and there's a dozen like that down there.

The giant frogs started appearing at the same time as the giant raindrops. Coincidence, @dirtpicnic?

Giant Frogs, School PSA
3/25/2022 10:42pm

There are giant frogs in the gardens in lower campus. I was knocked down by one earlier tonight.

I do not think the giant frogs should be removed or that the gardens should be made off-limits for safety.

I think you just need to be prepared to be knocked down by a giant frog.