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Here, There, Everywhere, and Us
2/9/2022 9:59pm

Nothing but stairs. 

“Hope you like stairs,” said @Jonononathan Riggs. He was a pretty scrawny kid back at school, but the middle aged millionaire body he was in was in good shape. 

So we kept going up. Nobody knew exactly how to get to Mr. Sterne’s office. School lore just always called it “upstairs.” And being stuck in the access shafts between realities, it began to make a certain sense. 

“Maybe we could... take a… short break,” said @old noah new samuel. He was in the oldest body of us all, and the relentless stair climbing was taking its toll. He panted on the landing. 

“When we pause on a landing too long,” said @Field Marshal Olivia, “is when the other paths open up. Like that!”

Now there were two staircases going up, and two going down. 

“We’re best off if we can keep a steady pace,” Olivia continued. “But really it’s all about intention.”

“Theese one. Theese is the way to Mr. Sterne,” @Sabrina Duncan said. 

“Okay people — you heard the man” said Olivia. “But that Russian accent is totally fake. How did you even convince anybody back on the front, Sabrina-Alexy?”

Here, There, Everywhere, and Us
12/30/2021 10:57pm

Here's one of those weird reports I found working in the office:


"And as I count down to one, you find yourself at home in your body and you will awaken. Three... two... one."

"Ohhhhhhhh. Oh. Well, my goodness. Where am I?"

"You're fine. You're in your study."

"My... my study? Well, yes, right you are. There are my books, and my beloved sword display, all velvet and mahogany. Quite right. My study."

"Yes, you're doing great. And you are...?"

"Well, hmmph. Yes, of course. I am... here in my study, with my books... and my pipe..."

"Yes, and you are?"

"I'm here, in my study, and my collar is loose, oh my. What time is it? Oh, my watch fob, it's here, isn't it?"

"Yes, your watch. Why don't you take a look at it?"

"You know, this watch belonged to my... to my..."

"Yes, who did it belong to?"

"Well... wait a minute. I don't even own a watch. Where's my phone?"

"Focus on the watch..."

"The watch? What is this place? Some kind of museum?"

"It's important that you calm down. I'm going to count back from--"

"And who put these clothes on me? And... my body? Wait! I'm... I'm old! My face feels... wrong..."

"Medic, we have a breakdown in reelhouse 7, calling for immediate shutdown mode."

"Where am I? What is this place?!"

"Hold him steady while I--"

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