Sabrina Duncan

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Here, There, Everywhere, and Us
1/16/2022 9:20pm

There wasn't anyone else left on the list. Anyone but me.

Watching the CCTV feeds in the buzzer room, I could tell there was at least one more person left on campus. But they weren't on the list. And we all knew the PROTOCOL, and the METHOD, so I followed the playbook and buzzed myself out.

And suddenly I'm smoking a cigarette, and it's freezing cold and dark and snow and fields and moon and I'm standing next to a tank. Next to a row of tanks. Because I suddenly remember I'm in the 237th tank regiment, and I'm Russian, deployed outside of Valuyki. And I'm a man. And maybe we're going to drive these tanks over those fields. And maybe not. It's above my pay grade to worry about it. I just need to make sure my tank is ready to move.

I'm walking over to the campfire. Muffled voices but you can see their breath. And then a clear voice to my right. They're not speaking Russian.

"Pssst! Sabrina!"

There's an open door on the edge of the field. Inside it looks bright. And warm.

"Er... jussasec... ah -- Alexey? Is that right? Alexey? Sabrina? Either way, you gotta come here. GET IN!"